About Information Technology Services


Information Technology Services provides computing and network resources and educational technology services to the Binghamton University campus community. People, facilities, hardware and software together create an enhanced computing and educational environment. Resources are continually being upgraded to provide the University with current technologies.

General Information

Information Technology Services, comprised of Academic and Research Services, Client Support Services, Operations and Infrastructure, and University Enterprise Software, provides the services which support the University’s computing, voice, data and video networking, student computer labs and classrooms, phone services, business and academic programming, distance learning, desktop support and general customer and student phone inquiries.

Major IT equipment includes Intel and Apple application servers, the campus phone switch, personal computers in classrooms and public labs, and network switches and routers, all linked through a high-speed, campus-wide communications network. ITS also supports the campus voice network, cable TV, security cameras and access to the Internet, Internet2 and the local Time-Warner network.

To assist students and faculty in the use of information technology, ITS manages a Help Desk, provides a wide array of central applications, consults and advises on computer software and hardware problems, distributes Web-based documentation and maintains an extensive software library.

Services for students include public PC laboratories (called "Pods"), located in the "Information Commons" in the University and Science Libraries, University Downtown Center, Science II, Science III, Academic A, the Center for Academic Excellence and some residence halls. Residence hall rooms provide both wired and wireless high-speed ethernet and internet connections for all students living on campus, and student residence hall consultants provide support for students in each residence hall. Secure, virtual private network connections to campus are available to off-campus students and staff, and a campus-wide wireless network serves mobile campus users.

All faculty, staff and students receive a free e-mail account and disk space for a personal web page and network storage upon enrollment, and all students are encouraged to use the computer as an appropriate and flexible tool for liberal arts education. All general classrooms have basic audiovisual equipment and Internet connections; and many are "laptop ready", with permanently installed data or video projection equipment offering full multimedia capability. A large portion of classrooms also have video capture equipment in support of distance learning. The campus is fully networked and the University is a member of the Internet2 Consortium and also provide access to eduroam.

Binghamton faculty are heavy users of the Blackboard course management system, and most students access the system daily for curricula, class notes, messages from faculty and other students, on-line discussions, and other information related to their courses. The University is also experimenting with the real-time recording and subsequent streaming of the video of selected courses on the web. Information Technology Services also secures site licenses and discounts for a wide array of software packages, which it makes available generally to the campus, or to individual users or departments (see http://www.binghamton.edu/its/software/index.html for lists and terms of use of software available in the pods, centrally, or for installation on departmental or personal machines).

With these resources, students, faculty and staff find that information technology enriches many aspects of the curriculum, and IT solutions to new challenges are readily available.

On the administrative side, IT support has become a key element in Binghamton University's program to keep administrative overhead low through the development of more than 40 on-line information systems, and through the provision of a variety of communications systems including voice, data, security cameras and video conferencing.

ITS offers a variety of technical services to support the mission of the University.  For more detailed information about the services offered, search the online ITS Service Catalog for the service offerings available to you.

Call the ITS Help Desk at 607-777-6420 or the Call Center at 0, or refer to the ITS web page for further information on ITS services.

Use of Binghamton's IT facilities requires a valid user ID and password. Account holders are bound by the “Computer and Network Usage Policy (Acceptable Use)”, which governs use of the campus network and computing resources. Misuse is considered a misappropriation of resources, and is often also a violation of state and federal law, and such use may lead to University disciplinary action and/or arrest.

Call the ITS Help Desk at 607-777-6420 or refer to the ITS web page for further information on ITS services.

Satisfaction Survey

Each semester ITS sends out a satisfaction survey to a random sample of faculty, staff, and students. The results of those surveys can be seen here.

Last Updated: 7/30/15