New Project Request Process

Information Technology Services invites all current Students, Faculty, and Staff to submit project requests through the new Task-It system. This new system is designed to streamline the project request process and keep all parties well informed during the project life cycle.

Project Life Cycle

Once the request is submitted via the Task-It system, a member of the project team will reach out to discuss the details of the submission. After all of the information is gathered, the project submission is then reviewed by the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) and if approved, will be classified as either Mission Critical or Innovative and assigned a project team. A formal proposal of the project is then created and all parties align on the work to be completed. At this point, a timeline is developed outlining key meetings and milestones to keep the client well informed of the progress and timely approvals will be expected throughout the process. Nearing completion of the project a testing plan will be outlined as well as training with the new user group will take place prior to hand off.

With this new process Information Technology Services hopes to better serve the needs of our campus as well as act as a leader in innovative technologies for Binghamton University.

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Submit Project Request

Submit a project request through Task-It.

Last Updated: 8/25/14