Technical Advisory Board

Technical Advisory Board – Definition and Charge

The Technical Advisory Board (TAB) is composed of mostly technical experts representing various campus IT stakeholders. The team will include at least one member of the Executive Advisory Board to serve as a liaison. The TAB is charged with evaluating incoming requests for either mission critical or innovative project / application support and either accepting or rejecting them and ranking them accordingly. Members of the TAB will electronically review and evaluate these requests in a timely manner so the requests can quickly be processed through the system and assigned to either the Mission Critical Team or the Innovations Team, depending upon the nature of the request. Additionally, meetings of the TAB will be held on a monthly basis to review project status and discuss new project requests.

The Innovations Team will work closely with the TAB on all new ideas and requests, whether they are to be implemented campus-wide or to a specific academic unit or department. After the application is accepted and delivered to the academic unit or department, the Mission Critical Team will then be responsible for regular maintenance. Applications to be used widely on campus will be routed to a member of the Mission Critical Team. See: TAB Members.

Key Definitions

Definition of "Innovation" – There are literally hundreds of different definitions of the word "innovation". For our purposes, it is best to keep it simple and broad. One of the better and simpler definitions is: Innovation is a) something fresh (new, original, or improved), and b) creates value.


Definition of "Mission Critical" – Mission critical systems and services are defined as those essential to the University such that the loss or disruption of these systems or services or inability to restore these services in a timely fashion would severely impede the University's ability (or any academic or administrative department therein) to conduct business, have negative legal or financial impact, or endanger the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff.

Last Updated: 8/13/14