Faculty FAQ

How do i get to the new myCourses page?

You can login directly by going to https://mycourses.binghamton.edu


Courses are set as unavailable by default. Instructors will need to set their course as available to students by going to: Control Panel > Customization > Properties > Set Availability. Learn more here.

Why can I no longer remove users from my course?

We have taken the ability to remove students away for two reasons. One they do not come back automatically if they are accidentally removed and two all of their work gets deleted with them. Two alone has always been reason enough but we couldn't take it away when you all had to manage your own rosters.

We can turn it off now because the system is taking care of drops. However, we did have a glitch during a heavy add/drop time and this is why you are seeing some drops. We don't think that the amount is unmanageable. We are asking that you make any students that are not enrolled in your course unavailable and then contact the Help Desk requesting their removal. We will remove them from the Admin side ASAP as we do know that, even though they are unavailable, they still show in the Grade Center.

Why is my student email address being used in myCourses?
If you have taken a course on campus you were issued a student email address along with your faculty/staff email address. You now have one B# with two email accounts attached to it. BUBrain considers the student email address to the be the primary email address. This is why it is appearing in myCourses. If you are not using this student email address we recommend setting up forwarding on it in order to ensure that you get all correspondences sent from myCourses into an email account that you do use. If you really do not want this student email account you can request to have it deleted.

Where are the Organizations?

They currently remain on the old site at https://blackboard.binghamton.edu.

Why are my grades being calculated incorrectly in the Grade Center?

A default Grading Schema is set in myCourses. If you did not edit the default to reflect your Grading Schema you need to do so in order for your grades to calculate correctly. Learn more here.

My course is not appearing in myCourses.

Has it been built in Banner yet? Have you been assigned as the instructor of record in Banner? Courses are automatically created in myCourses once they are built in Banner.

Why can’t our department assistant log into myCourses?

We have not added staff accounts to the new system yet and will once we get courses going.

How long do I have to use the old Blackboard system for Export/Importing and other data mining?

The old Blackboard system will remain online for 24 months after the completion of the Winter 2017 term. Courses in myCourses will also be available for 24 months after the completion of the course.

Where are SOOTs?

Look for announcements about SOOTs moving to the myBinghamton Portal in the Spring 2017 Semester. SOOTs for the Fall 2016 and the Winter 2017 semesters will be in the old Blackboard system.

I am trying to enroll another faculty member into my course and only find their student email.
B#'s are now used for usernames. There is no longer the possibility of two accounts. If you are trying to enroll another faculty member into your course you will use the account that you see as having a student email address as this is actually the correct account. This is their B#. See the FAQ for "Why is my student email address being used in myCourses?".

Last Updated: 2/10/17