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Export out of OLD / Import into NEW

Export/Import PDF 

For this process you will be exporting content out of your OLD course to then Importing it into the NEW empty course shell in the NEW myCourses system.

Export out of OLD

  • When copying materials before 2017 you must use the Export command.
  • You are exporting content out of the old Blackboard system and importing into the new myCourses system.
  • Export zips course content onlyNo students or student work will be contained in the .zip file that is produced.

Steps 1-2

In your old course and under Packages and Utilities click on Export/Archive Course.

On the main screen click on Export Package.

In your old course and under Packages and Utilities click on Export/Archive Course. On the main screen click on Export Package.

Step 3

Click on Copy Links and include copies of the files in the course default directory.

Click on Copy Links and include copies of the files in the course default directory.


Optional: Calculate Size and Manage Package Contents

You do not have to use the Calculate Size and Manage Package Contents buttons. The Calculate Size button will tell you how large your Export .zip file is going to be.

You do not have to use the Calculate Size and Manage Package Contents buttons. The Calculate Size button will tell you how large your Export .zip file is going to be.


Optional: Manage Package Contents button

(This is what we would use if your course is over 5 GB)

 package contents button


This feature allows you to optionally remove files from the Export Package.


Step 4

This is Required. Select the areas of your course that you want to include in the ExportClick on the sections and settings of your course that you want to include in the .zip package for transfer and/or storage. 

Important Note: Do not use the Select All button here. There is currently a known issue associated with using this Select All button. It will change the name of your course in the new myCourses to whatever this old course's name is when importing this content in. Your Spring course name will then display with SPG16 or FALL16 in the name when it is supposed to say 'Spring 2017'. If your Spring 2017 course name has changed please follow this link for directions to get it fixed

 step 4

Step 5

Click Submit to process the Export.

 step 5

Ready to Download!


Step 6

Click on Filename to download it.

step 6


IMPORTANT! Where is the file now that it is downloaded?

For Windows and Mac alike most browsers’ default download folder is called Downloads. It is important that you know where this .zip file is because you need to navigate to it in order to import your content into the new system. If you have trouble, please see Open Office Hours for a list of drop in times and places available to get help.


After Downloading

Step 7

Please delete the .zip file out of your course in Blackboard. You have downloaded it so you have it. This doubles the size of your course on our servers.

 step 7

Import into the NEW

Steps 8-9

Login to How to do this will be contained in a separate document. Enter into the course that you want to bring the content into.
steps 8-9

Steps 10-11

Go to Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Import Package / View Logs.

Click on the Import Package button.

 steps 10-11

Step 12

Click on the Browse My Computer button to go and get your export file. How and where you get it, depends on your browser.

Your export file is all set for this import.

 step 12


Steps 13-14

For the import, you can NOT use the Select All button please pick and choose what content you want to bring in from this export file.

Lastly, don't forget to click on Submit, you will see a yellow and green bar while your import is running - check your email for its completion, see below.

If you have a fatal error, please contact

steps 13-14


import complete

IMPORT COMPLETE! It's that easy.

Last Updated: 1/12/17