About the Binghamton University Network

server rack

The Binghamton University network is made up of over 750 data switches and 2,500 wireless access points. These devices are interconnected with a ten gigabit fiber-optic backbone and provide service to more than 25,000 unique devices per day. The campus peers with two providers for commodity internet, providing for a utilization of about 3.2 Gbps of internet bandwidth at peak time. We also peer with the New York State Research and Education Network (NYSERNet), as well as Internet2.

Each IP on the Binghamton University network is provided with up to a 15 Mbps connection. ITS takes a best-effort approach to ensuring that all applications are able to function and perform adequately on the network, though peer-to-peer file sharing applications (P2P) and internet relay chat (IRC) are blocked for security reasons.

Campus Commodity Internet Bandwidth Usage:

bandwidth chart


Network Up/Down Status:

Network Up/Down Status

Users of the Binghamton University data network are required to abide by the Binghamton University Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy.


Last Updated: 4/9/16