ITS Networking Projects

Recently completed projects

The Networking Group recently completed a project to upgrade all network equipment (wired and WiFi) in the Library, Fine Arts and Science IV buildings. This included additional wireless access points to cover classrooms, study and meeting spaces at room capacity. This also provides greater throughput and density for the WiFi. Wired networking was also upgraded to provide gigabit connectivity and power over ethernet for the campus voice over IP project.

Campus internet bandwidth was recently upgraded to support the academic, research and business needs of the campus community. Available maximum bandwidth per user was doubled from 15 Mbps to 30 Mbps.


Upcoming and In-progress Projects

In the Spring of 2016 WiFi site surveys will be done in outdoor spaces around the Peace Quad and the "Spine" to prepare for outdoor WiFi deployments. When completed this project will provide outdoor WiFi in these gathering spaces.

During the Summer of 2016 the "core" of the campus network will be upgraded with new routing and switching hardware. This will provide greater throughput on the campus network and will make 40 Gbps links available on the campus backbone.

During the Summer of 2016 residential network upgrades will continue with the replacement of wired and wireless equipment in Bingham Hall and the Hinman and Mountainview communities.

New networks will be installed during the summer of 2016 in the renovated Old Digman residential building, as well as the newly renovated Student Wing building.


Users of the Binghamton University data network are required to abide by the Binghamton University Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy.


Last Updated: 5/31/16