CONNECT2BU- Getting Connected to Binghamton University Wireless (Wi-Fi)

Faculty, Staff or Student - To connect a device to the busecure wireless network for the first time:

  • Choose Connect2BU in the list of available wireless networks, connect to it and wait until the connection is established.
  • If a window does not automatically open manually launch a browser and click on the link 'Click here to use JoinNow'  to automatically configure wireless devices for busecure.
  • To run JoinNow on OS X Yosemite close the 'Downloading Application' window leaving the Safari browser window in the background open. After a few seconds the .dmg file will download from the browser. You can also refresh the browser to launch the download.  Yosemite can also be manually configured.
  • Manual configuration is recommended for Android devices.

Guest or Visitor should choose Connect2BU in the list of available wireless networks, connect to it, open a browser and click Continue. You are now connected.

Connect2BU is an unencrypted wireless network and is limited in scope, duration and capacity. Any device with Wi-Fi enabled will automatically detect Connect2BU.


Campus departments may download a two sided printable version of these instructions that can be handed out to visitors or used as a poster.



busecure is the recommended wireless network for all Binghamton University student, faculty or staff and provides encrypted wireless access using the WPA2 Enterprise protocol.

Use JoinNow to automatically configure wireless devices for busecure (Manual configuration is recommended for Android devices).

Clients will have to configure their wireless devices for the WPA2 environment and authenticate using their Binghamton University Computer Account (PODS) user id and password. It is strongly recommended that the operating system of your computing device has all current software updates and that anti-virus software is installed, updated and running.

Manual instructions to configure your computer/device for busecure:

Operating Systems:

Windows 10

Windows 8

Windows 8 (domain logon)

Windows 7

Windows Vista



Mac OS X 10.7 and newer

Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.5



Linux (generic)

Handheld Devices:

Android (generic)

iPhone, iPad, and other Apple iOS devices

Other (generic)



The unencrypted wireless network bugaming is available for gaming devices and other mobile devices that do not support WPA2 Enterprise or cannot otherwise access busecure.   Devices that have a browser and are WPA2 Enterprise compatible should use the encrypted wireless network busecure to connect.

Clients can log into the My Devices Portal using their Binghamton University Computer Account (PODS) user id and password to register devices. After a successful registration, connect the device to bugaming. (Note that the 'Pending' status displayed on the Game Device Registration Portal is a software bug that should be fixed in the next version. Please disregard.)

All devices that have connected via bugaming will be purged at the end of major semesters.

Users of the Binghamton University data network are required to abide by the Binghamton University Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy.


eduroam logo

eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide wireless internet access service developed for the international research and education community.  Students, researchers, faculty, and staff can connect to participating institutions wireless networks with their home institution's user credentials.

Connect to eduroam for Binghamton University Students, Faculty and Staff 

Use JoinNow to automatically configure wireless devices for eduroam.

To manually configure devices for eduroam (recommended for Android) refer to the table of operating systems instructions above.  Note that the SSID (wireless network) should be entered as eduroam and the Binghamton University Computer Account (PODS) User ID should be entered as

Configure and test your device before leaving Binghamton University.  Users are bound by the host institution's network and security policies.  The host institution is not obligated or prepared to support visitors accessing eduroam.  If you need assistance connecting to eduroam while at another institution please contact the ITS Helpdesk at 607-777-6420 or

Connect to eduroam for Visitors to Binghamton University  

You will use your home institution userid and password to connect to eduroam at Binghamton University.  Check with your home institution to obtain setup instructions particular to your institution.



Last Updated: 3/30/16