Computer and Network Usage Policy (Acceptable Use) - This policy governs the use of information technology resources at Binghamton.

Copyright and Fair Use Policies - These policies describe Binghamton University's guidelines on the use of copyrighted materials.

Binghamton University Listserv Policy - This policy provides guidelines for appropriate use of listservs at Binghamton, and for who may manage them.

Binghamton University Policies on the World Wide Web - These policies provide usage and style guidelines for departments and individuals who will post information on web pages on the University's equipment or network.

Binghamton University Privacy Policy - This policy provides information about how information provided by electronic visitors to the campus may be used.

Guidelines for Data Security - This policy provides guidelines for handling and storing sensitive information.

Information Security Policy and Procedure - This policy governs the use of sensitive and/or confidential information by University employees.

Laptop Loaner Policy - This policy outlines the guidelines for the "Laptop Loaner Program" available to all University faculty and staff.

Recycling Computer Equipment Containing Confidential Information- This policy outlines the procedure to follow when disposing of computer equipment containing sensitive information.

Last Updated: 8/13/14