Statistical Programming Support

Information Technology Serivces provides software licensing and installation services for SAS and SPSS. These services are directed primarily to faculty, staff, and graduate students. Undergraduates interested in learning about the academic discipline and theory of probability and statistics should look at course offerings in BU’s Mathematics Department or consider the research methodology coursework offerings of specific (mostly social science) departments.


A wide variety of software tools for statistics are in use on campus. Please call the ITS Help Desk at 607-777-6420 to formally request such software for your office machine or laptop. Details for restrictions and availability of various packages are listed at the Site-licensed Software Database on the licensing agreement details pages. Note, most users requesting SPSS will want the SPSS Base product along with the Regression and Advanced add on module. A small yearly fee is required for the Base and additional fees apply to add on modules totaling between $50 and $80, per machine, per academic year. Fees are not pro-rated.


SAS and SPSS user manuals are comprehensive, searchable and online (SAS documentation, SPSS documentation [BU-only]). Links to these and other (condensed, BU-specific) guides and resources are listed in several places on our wiki

Large Datasets, special accounts

Most campus researchers will not require special accounts from ITS to access statistical software (in the pods or on campus servers). However, ITS maintains a Unix server (separate from Bingsuns) for high performance research analyses to meet needs that are not met elsewhere (such as large disk space quotas, or other heavy computation requirements). To learn more about the new 'Cruncher' server please contact the helpdesk.

Last Updated: 8/27/14