Service Request

Notice: The Rate Sheet has been updated effective July 3, 2014

Please answer all of the following when sending a service request. Failure to completely answer all of the questions may result in a significant delay in processing your order. Click here for a list of rates and available equipment.

  1. What you want done (e.g. ADD, MOVE, CHANGE, DISCONNECT).
    1. If this is for an employee, please include their B-Number.
  2. Type of service (e.g. Voice/Phone, Data/Ethernet, Cable TV, Door Access/Card Swipe, etc.) .
  3. Current service information (e.g. Location, Phone Number, etc.) [MOVE, CHANGE, DISCONNECT only] .
  4. New service information (e.g. Location, Equipment) [ADD and MOVE only].
  5. Billing Information (e.g. POETS or billing address).
  6. When you need the work completed (Due Date).
    1. Requests are assigned a Due Date of 3 weeks from the date a complete order is received.
    2. If you need work done sooner there may be an expedite charge, please call 7-6961.
  7. Your contact information.
  8. Any additional notes or requests.

Submit all the information above by sending an email to:

Last Updated: 3/30/17