Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coordinator (IVPC) Jessica Krohn provides information to students about the options that are available to victims/survivors of interpersonal violence and the various resources available on and off campus. The IVPC assists individuals who need such services and makes appropriate referrals as necessary. Referrals are intended to connect students to available services on and off campus, including but not limited to, individual and/or group counseling, medical services, legal services, case management and academic assistance, housing changes and victim advocacy services.

Meeting with the IVPC is an excellent first step to recovery. Information obtained in this process will be kept as private as possible. Students retain the right to choose whether or not to initiate criminal charges and/or file a formal complaint through the University grievance process. Members of the IVP team may have to disclose reported concerns to either the director of health and counseling services, Title IX coordinator or dean of students office according to state and federal guidelines. Concerns about immediate safety and risk of harm are likely to be reported to university authorities. 

For information on how to get in contact with IVP, visit our Contact Us page.

For information on support systems on and off campus, visit our Resources tab.

Last Updated: 1/21/15