Interpersonal Violence Resources

Information and Referral:

The IVP team provides information to students about the various resources and options that are available to victims/survivors of interpersonal violence on and off campus. The IVP team helps make appropriate referrals to available services including, but not limited to, counseling, medical, legal services, case management and academic assistance, and advocacy services. Services are provided to help students:

  • Access to navigate university and community resources,
  • The IVP Team is available to provide professional consultation on issues of interpersonal violence to other professionals within the University community.

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On Campus


Local Police


Local Emergency Rooms

NOTE: SAFE examinations aren’t available at UHS Wilson Medical Center.


To Report a Crime on Campus


New State Law on Sexual Assault


Binghamton University Documents


Off Campus Resources


For additional Information visit our Client Services and Policy Webpage.

Last Updated: 9/29/14