Safety Apps

Here are some Safety Apps that IVP supports each student to download for the just in case moment you find yourself in a threatening position. Don't let personal safety take a backseat in your life.

 For more information on the app just follow the link below:



  • When you are walking from Point A to Point B you can customize the time frame for when the app should check up on you.
  • It will simply text you and if you do not text back then Kitestring will immediately alert the emergency contacts you have set up.
  • App is excellent for walking alone in dangerous areas because it will dispatch without you having to touch a  button.
  • Free Android and iPhone app.


Circle of 6

  • Designed to help college students out of potentially dangerous situations.
  • Instantly connect with up to six close friends in the area.
  • With a tap of a button, you can discreetly send out your current GPS location.
  • Free Android and iPhone app



  • Tap to send a call for help when you sense danger.
  • The monitoring operator will immediately start recording the call and determine if 911 needs to be contacted.
  • Free Android, iPhone and Blackberry smartphone app.



  • Use this app to report groping, flashing, assault and gender-based violence.
  • The app is geared towards women, girls and LGBTQ individuals but is encouraged by all to end harassment on the street.
  • Users can send texts or pictures to report incidents that will then show up on a map.
  • Free Android and iPhone app.


Not your Baby

  • Designed to give you ideas about how you can respond to situations of sexual harassment at home, work, school and on the street and public transit
  • Free Android and iPhone app.


  • Designed to be a confidential sex advisor.
  • Features shake games, answers your questions, sex news, and a weekly poll.
  • Available for Android and iPhone for $0.99.


  • Designed to let college student alert friends and authorities immediately in emergencies.
  • There are six safety options with this app: calling 911 and friends, calling 911 only, calling campus police, the "Watch my Back" setting, contacting friends, and the "I'm here" setting.
  • The "I'm Here" text, call 911 only and call campus police functions are free with the app. The emergency friends, flashlight and alarm functions are available for a $2.99 fee. The complete package is available for $4.99 a month.
  • Free Android and iPhone app.

TaxiPal and Taxi Magic

  • Both these app will ensure you hitch a safe and certified ride.
  • TaxiPal network spans 2,500 cities in 31 countries across Europe, U.S, and Canada. You can directly order a taxi without calling for one.
  • TaxiMagic partners with more than 60 leading taxi, sedan, and shuttle transportation companies in the U.S. Service is available in about 40 markets.
  • Both are free Android and iPhone app.

Aspire News

  • If someone you know is in an abusive relationship-- or if that someone is you the Help section of the application contains resources for victims of domestic violence.
  • Free Android and iPhone app.


Love is Not Abuse

  • Designed as an educational resource that demonstrates the dangers of digital dating abuse.
  • Free Android and iPhone app.


  • Instantly connects with friends and family in emergencies.
  • Alert enables real-time location tracking.
  • Users can also sound off a blaring siren to deter would-be attackers and signal for help.
  • Free iOS, Android and Blackberry app with $1.99 monthly subscription or $19.99 one-year subscription. App comes with few free features.

Mobile Patrol

  • Helps law enforcement agencies rapidly communicate vital public safety information such as emergency alerts, most wanted, sex offenders, arrest warrants, jail bookings & VINE notifications.
  • Send anonymous crime tips and offender sightings.
  • Free Android and iPhone app.


One Love Light

  • Designed to aid you to seek professional assistance if you feel you are at risk of being involved in a detrimental relationship with your current partner or an ex-partner.
  • After answering questions about your relationship you will be provided with a score. The score is based on years of research that identified which risk factors are most common when abusive relationships lead to detrimental outcomes.
  • Free Android and iPhone app.


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Last Updated: 7/10/14