¡Pa'lante! ¡Siempre Pa'lante!
Forward and Onward!

The Second LACAS Latin American, Caribbean, Latin@
and Indigenous Undergraduate Student Conference

Old University Union, Binghamton University, Saturday, March 1, 2014

The deadline to submit a proposal for the Conference is February 20, 2014. Please include a 75-150 word abstract/summary (can be longer) of the major conference themes you would like to present on at the Conference. Indicate the title and the format you will be using: research paper, Power Point or documentary.

Conference themes include: education, politics, economy, criminal justice, race, gender, sexual orientation, sexuality, class, ethnicity, color, culture, music, dance.

Sponsored by: Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies Program (LACAS) in conjunction with Corazón de Dahlia student organization. Contact: Dr. Juanita Díaz-Cotto, LACAS Director, 607-777-4250, companeras1994@yahoo.com

Last Updated: 5/5/15