Library Exhibits

Binghamton University Libraries showcases exhibitions each semester in order to increase awareness of the Libraries' rich and varied collections, services, and events, as well as promote University wide activities.

To view past Library Exhibits, please visit the Previous Library Exhibits webpage.

The Library Exhibits Committee encourages requests and suggestions for exhibits. Decisions for accepting an exhibit proposal are based on whether it meets the Exhibit Guidelines,as well as on space, staffing, and funding considerations.

Illuminated Lifestyles: Food, Sport and Books in Medieval Life Exhibit @ Bartle Library














Come and experience aristocratic life in the Middle Ages at the Bartle Library.  Illuminated Lifestyles: Food, Sport and Books in Medieval Life gives viewers a glimpse into the past through library resources and interactive technology. Selections from the extensive publishing history of Binghamton University's Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies are featured.

The exhibit is located on the second floor mezzanine in the Glenn G. Bartle Library. It will be on display until May 19, 2016.

Animals of Land and Sea Exhibit @ Science Library

Animals exhibit

Swim or hop into a good book about animals. Animals of the Land and Sea features books and materials from the Science Library collection. From amphibians to zebras, viewers learn about animals that swim, scurry or gallop and the scientists who study them. There is something for everyone. 

This exhibit is in the Information Commons on the first floor of the Science Library. It will be on display until May 19, 2016.

Sustainability: What can I do? @ UDC Library


The term "sustainability" evokes electric cars, solar power and clean water. How can I get involved? If you want to go deeper into what sustainability really means as a citizen of Planet Earth, visit the University Downtown Center (UDC) Library-Information Commons. Sustainability: What can I do? features books and materials that can help guide your research or serve as a jumping off point for those interested in living sustainable lives. 

The exhibit is located in the UDC Library on the first floor of the UDC in downtown Binghamton. It will be on display until May 19, 2016.

From Aesop to Joachim : Medieval and the Early Modern Facsimiles of Special Collections


This exhibit highlights the Libraries’ collection of facsimiles of some of the most beautifully illustrated codices, scrolls and printed works from Europe and Asia. Many of these works, such as the Gutenberg Bible or the Book of Kells, are unattainable for most libraries, but facsimiles allow scholars to conduct their research, professors to teach and students to study such exquisite and unique works without having to travel long distances at a great cost of time and expensive.

Read more about the Ellesmere Chaucer, or Ellesmere Manuscript of the Canterbury Tales, facsimile.

From Aesop to Joachim exhibit is curated by Andrew Roache, BU ’15 and MA ’16, who is now a graduate student at Syracuse University in the MLIS program.

The exhibit will be on display until December 16, 2016.  It is located in Special Collections on the second floor of the Glenn G. Bartle Library, and can be viewed 10 am – 4 pm Monday – Friday.

Experiencing the Facial Makeup of the Beijing (Peking) Opera 

Celebrating 400 Years of Shakespeare in Special Collections

Developing over the centuries from masks, and gradually forming its own symbolic meanings, facial makeup is one of the most distinctive features of the Peking Opera. Through an exhibit of books from the Libraries’ own collection, visitors are provided a closer look at the facial makeup used to portray different opera characters.

The new exhibit opens on the first day of the Year of the Monkey, which is Monday, Feb. 8, in the lobby of Bartle Library. 




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