Exhibit Guidelines

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Purpose of Exhibits

  • Increase awareness of the Libraries' collections, services, and events
  • Promote circulation and use of the Libraries' collections
  • Highlight university, local, national, or international events
  • Educate library users
  • Contribute to creating an interesting and inviting atmosphere in the Libraries
  • Strengthen partnerships among the Libraries, University, and the wider community

Exhibits Committee

Exhibits Committee members prepare or collaborate in preparing exhibits. We welcome your inquiries, comments, and suggestions. The Exhibits Committee will respond to your inquiries, comments, and suggestions and will notify requestors of decisions in a timely manner.


  • Meet regularly
  • Record and archive meeting minutes
  • Schedule exhibits and maintain an exhibits calendar
  • Coordinate preparation and presentation of exhibits
  • Arrange for timely rotation of exhibits
  • Write Exhibit Guidelines
  • Recommend, order, and maintain equipment and materials needed for exhibits
  • Archive exhibits (paper and web versions)
  • Identify, secure, and maintain an exhibit preparation work area
  • Secure necessary cleaning, upkeep and maintenance of display areas
  • Write and maintain an Exhibits Manual

Criteria for Exhibits

Library Exhibits will incorporate the following principles:

  • Relate to the teaching, research, and service mission of the Libraries and University
  • Be fair-minded and sensitive regarding themes and issues of potential controversy
  • Be consistent with freedom of information and cultural diversity
  • Be well thought out, adequately prepared, and aesthetically pleasing
  • Display materials relevant to the theme of the exhibit
  • Promote the materials, services, functions, and goals of the Libraries
  • Not promote personal, commercial, or parochial organizational positions
  • Facilitate cooperation among BU Libraries, the University, and surrounding communities

We recommend that exhibits showcase materials on a particular subject or event, gifts recently received by the Libraries, Special Collections, little known or unique resources, library services, materials about libraries, or other related information.

Display Cases

Bartle Library display cases are located in the main lobby, on the mezzanine, at the entrance to Special Collections, and in the Special Collections Reading Room. Science Library display cases are located at the main entrance and in the main lobby. For further information about exhibit cases email a committee member.

Duration of Exhibits

The duration of exhibits varies. The Library reserves the right to extend or shorten the duration of an exhibit based on special requests, lectures and events, changing priorities, and the availability of staff.


  • Featured on Current Exhibits page
  • Meets University Publication Guidelines
  • Advertised by means of posters and other means in cooperation with the Public Relations Committee
  • Disseminated through official BU media such as Dateline, Inside, etc.

Last Updated: 7/9/15