Library Exhibits

Binghamton University Libraries showcase exhibitions each semester in order to increase awareness of the Libraries' rich and varied collections, services, and events, as well as promote University wide activities.

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The Library Exhibits Committee encourages requests and suggestions for exhibits. Decisions for accepting an exhibit proposal are based on whether it meets the Exhibit Guidelines as well as on space, staffing, and funding considerations. 


A View into Residence Hall Life at Binghamton University

Dorm Exhibit This exhibit explores the history of the residential communities and their unique traditions, events and activities. The exhibit is located in the Special Collections, Preservation and University Archives Department of Bartle Library and will be on display through the Fall semester. For additional information about the exhibit please contact the University Archivist at 777-6459 or


King of Slapstick:  mack sennett and his work

Mack Sennett

Producer and director Mack Sennett presided over a motley crew of comedic talent that included Harry Langdon, Ben Turpin, Billy Bevan, Charlie Chaplin, Fatty Arbuckle, Mabel Normand and the Keystone Kops, who slid, slipped and slapped their way across American movie screens. He was known as the innovator of slapstick comedy and film and was once dubbed “The King of Comedy.” Sennett's brand of crude slapstick humor proved to be highly popular with audiences and helped him become one of the most powerful men of early Hollywood. Sennett set up his famed Keystone Studios in 1912 and began cranking out one- and two-reel shorts by the hundreds. Among the pratfalls, chases, character stereotypes and pantomime, Sennett set the tone in Hollywood's early days and created the ground rules for American screen comedy that were to follow.

This exhibit features information about Mack Sennett’s work as well as stills from his movies taken from the John K. McLaughlin Collection of Popular Culture. The exhibit is located just outside of Special Collections in the North Reading Room (second floor) of the Glenn Bartle Library.

Bartle Library: Inspired by Nature | Fall 2014

Inspired by NatureNature has been the inspiration of many great works of art, literature, and poetry. Come to Binghamton University's Glenn G. Bartle Library and view some of these items on display. Featured is the nature photography of Binghamton University alumnus, Matthew A. Kull.  This collection of beautiful full-color images is composed of scenes captured at the Binghamton University Nature Preserve. Other works on display include book selections from the Bartle Library collections on art, poetry, and literature that feature nature as the theme. This Fall 2014 exhibit is located on the 2nd floor of the Glenn G. Bartle Library.



Science Library: The Art within Science| Fall 2014

Art within Science The skilled artist’s hand has created works to both study and record scientific discovery and research for hundreds of years. This exhibit showcases the roles that visuals play in science, and celebrates the artistic merit of this imagery. Come and view scientist biographies in graphic novel format, stunning botanical illustrations, microphotography that could pass as abstract expressionist paintings, lush nature photography, and more. The exhibit is on the first floor of the Science Library, in the Information Commons.

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