Digital Scholarship 

The Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Services creates a community of practice for research and creative activities in the digital realm on campus. Our objective is to educate and support faculty and students by offering expertise, access to technology and a network of practitioners. The Libraries inform the campus on digital scholarship through our services, along with workshops and bringing together scholars whose work is on the frontier of digital scholarship.

Digital Scholarship Services include:

Please contact Erin Rushton for questions about the Libraries' Digital Scholarship Services. 

Upcoming Workshops 

Past Workshops 

Topic: Never lose your digital files: Effective Digital File Management
Presenters: Laura Evans and Anne Larrivee

Topic: Digital Scholarship in the Classroom
Date: February 3, 2017
Presenters: Nancy Um and Kristen Gallant
This workshop focused on using ThingLink and Scalar to bring digital scholarship into the classroom. Both platforms are ideal for student projects as well as faculty research. ThingLink provides students with the opportunity to annotate digital images with weblinks, videos and other images, bringing visual material alive online. Scalar is a multimedia publishing platform that is ideal for dynamic online collaborative projects. Both interfaces are relatively easy to learn and are already being used by instructors for class assignments and projects on campus. Sponsored by Digital Scholarship Services at the Libraries and Doing Digital Art History.

Topic: Open Educational Resources (OER)
Presenters: Beth Brown, Anne Larrivee and Nancy Abashian

Topic: Copyright
Presenters: Beth Brown and Kristen Gallant

Topic: Digital Commons
Presenters: Beth Brown and Anne Larrivee

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