Group Study Room Reservations: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve a room?

Rooms can be reserved by visiting the room reservation system located at:

Log into the system using your PODS username and password. Upon log in, click on "scheduling" and then select "bookings" at which point you will be prompted to select the time you wish to reserve and enter the information required.

Can I see the room before I book it?

Descriptions and picture of the group study rooms can be found by hovering over the room number within the reservation system or, by reading the description webpage found here

How can I invite other members of my group?

After you make your initial reservation, you will be prompted to invite additional attendees. By adding the attendees email addresses, they will be notified of the reservation.

How many hours can I book a room for?

Reservations may be made in 2 hour increments. NO more than 2, 2-hour reservations may be made in one day.

How many reservations am I allowed to make in a week?

You may make 3 reservations in one week.

How many people constitute a group?

A group must comprise more than 2 people and not exceed the maximum occupancy of the room. The maximum occupancy can be determined by reading the description of each room. These descriptions can be found by hovering over the room number within the reservation system or, by reading the description webpage found here.

Who can reserve a room?

Group study rooms can be reserved by BU students, faculty and staff with priority for collaborative study and research, not for general activities, parties, or business meetings.

What if my group doesn't have a reservation?

Any time a room is not reserved, it is available on a first come, first served basis. If however another patron displays confirmation of a reservation at any time, you may be asked to leave the group study room.

Where are they located?

Currently we are reserving the group study rooms on the 4th floor of the Bartle Library. We hope to expand this service to other areas in Bartle as well as our other branches soon.

What if there is someone in the room at the time of my reservation?

Simply display your confirmation email or screen shot of your reservation to the party occupying the room to indicate that you have a reservation. If you have any difficulty, please see a staff member at the Bartle Library Circulation Desk for assistance, or call the Circulation Desk at 777-2194.

If the room is reserved online but not occupied, can i reserve the room for my group?

If no one is occupying the room after the first 15 minutes of the online reservation, the reservation is forfeit and the room will be open to first come, first serve. If you would like to book the room that is currently reserved online but unoccupied, please visit the Bartle Library Circulation Desk for assistance or call the circulation desk at 777-2194

Can I use my mobile phone to reserve a room?

YES! The room reservation system can be accessed from your mobile device at: QR codes are also posted outside of each room which direct you to the reservation system as well.

QR code for group study room reservations

How do I change or edit my reservation?

Log into the reservation system at using your PODS username and password. Click on the reservation you wish to change and edit or cancel as needed. You will receive a confirmation email of your changes when you have completed them.


Last Updated: 3/28/14