September 2003

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The Link Foundation
50th Anniversary

The Link Foundation celebrated its 50th Anniversary on the weekend of June 7, 2003. One of the highlights of the celebration was a lunch held at the Anderson Center Reception Room at Binghamton University which was attended by former Fellows, Trustees and Special Advisors, friends of the Foundation and other dignitaries. The featured speaker was M. Scott Carpenter, whose background as both an astronaut and aquanaut, made him an ideal person to honor the memory of Ed Link, recognized as one of the pioneer figures in both the exploration of the sky and the sea. Carpenter, an Apollo 7 astronaut, paid tribute to Link and all that his ingenuity and daring did for both space flight and oceanographic exploration. Carpenter’s recounting of memorable parts of his own incomparable journey were blended with humorous anecdotes that entertained his entire audience.

The weekend featured tours of exhibits at the Binghamton University library, including the Link Achieves, the Simulations lab in the Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science, and the viewing of a portion of the video which had been shown at Ed Link’s induction into the Inventor’s Hall of Fame, which occurred just the month before at Akron, Ohio; and the viewing of the video, Ed Link: The Quiet Genius, which was produced by WSKG TV in Binghamton, NY, and was aired by many national public television stations.

During the celebration Binghamton University dedicated a conference room in honor of Marilyn Link, sister of Ed Link and Special Advisor to the Foundation, whose participation in the events of the weekend enhanced the 50th Anniversary Celebration.