December 2005

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"The 2005 Summer Intern Program," Dennis Hanisak, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution
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Greetings to all of the friends and family of the Link Foundation:

Last year marked the 100th anniversary of Ed Link’s birth, as well as the 75th anniversary of the registration of Ed Link’s patent for the original Link Flight Trainer. Ed Link and his colleagues not only launched the simulation industry, but also greatly and positively impacted our national defense, the exploration of space and the oceans, and the development of alternative forms of energy.

The Link Foundation, which Ed Link and Marion established in 1954 with part of their resources, has honored their legacy by supporting research and doctoral-level education in simulation, ocean engineering and energy. Many of you receiving this newsletter have been the beneficiaries of those grants.

The appeal launched last year to raise additional funds for the Foundation was, thanks to many of you, a real success. Based on the response in 2004, we decided it would be appropriate to make the appeal an annual request, and the contributions we have already received this year, which are recognized on the next page of the newsletter, reflect both your generosity and the wisdom of the

Board’s decision to encourage each of us to consider supporting the Foundation on an annual basis.

I believe Ed and Marion, if they could speak to us today, would not only express their gratitude for the support which you have provided in so many different ways, but also their pride in the fact that the Foundation is focused on advancing science in areas so crucial to the survival of our world. Because Ed’s inventions and initiatives are the foundation of what is occurring in the fields of ocean engineering, energy and simulation, his work continues to receive much deserved acclaim.

Our Board is particularly grateful to former Board member and now Special Advisor Marilyn Link for her inspiration, oversight and stewardship.

With warmest wishes and best regards,

David M. Gouldin
Chair, Board of Trustees