DONOR LIST—2010-11

We would like to thank the following donors for their generosity during our 2010-11 appeal to raise additional funds to enlarge the Link Foundation endowments to support the Foundation’s very worthy purposes:

Ronald and Kathlyn Ann Aimonetti
Douglas and Valerie Anderson
Dieter Beike
Frank and Constance Cardullo
Ralph Cavalieri
Andrew Clark
Clayton and Susan Cook
Sarah Courbus
Sally Darrah
Cheryl Dimick
Jon and Linda Forbes
Martha Gahring
David and Deborah Gouldin
Richard and Jimmie Anne Haisley
IRSC Foundation
Douglas and Betsy Johnson
Johnson, Lauder & Savidge, LLP
Arthur and Elizabeth Kamlet
Thomas and Nancy Kelly
L-3 Link Simulation & Training
Marilyn C. Link
Ellen Longmire
Glenn Martin
George and Carole Maul
Stuart and Mary McCarty
Virginia Murray
Richard and Sara Murray
Jimmie Nourse
Richard and Eileen Orringer
Valerie Paul
Charles Patrissi
Mary Rice
Joanne Rogge
Didier Saumon
Paul Schlosser
Eleanor Sexton
Nancy Smith
Brian Thompson
Maureen White
Dennis and Donna Wilt