SEIFUDEIN ADEM, Associate Research Professor/Associate Director, Institute of Global Cultural Studies (IGCS)
Research areas:  AFRASIA; China in the Middle East; Japan in the Middle East; China in Africa

NATHANAEL ANDRADE, Assistant Professor, History Department
Research areas:
  Roman Middle East; Late Antiquity in Syria; the sites of Palmyra and Dura-Europos; Seleucid Empire; Achaemenid, Parthian, and Sasanian Persia
Courses taught:  HIST 481d: provinces of Rome; HIST 412: Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World (UOregon); HIST 414: Roman Empire (UOregon); HIST 414: Later Roman Empire (Uoregon)
Website:  https://binghamton.academia.edu/NathanaelAndrade

ALLAN ARKUSH, Professor, Judaic Studies and History
Research areas:  Zionism, Israeli history, modern Jewish thought
Courses taught:  JUST 347 Modern Israel; JUST 244 Modern Jewish History; JUST 284E Messianism in Jewish History

AYSE BALTACIOGLU-BRAMMER, Assistant Professor, History Department
Contact:  abaltaci@binghamton.edu
Research areas:  Early  Modern Ottoman and Safavid History, Sunni-Shi'ite conflict, Formation of Kizilbash Communities, Religious Propaganda and Conversion, State and Identity Formation
Courses taught:  Early Modern Islamic Empires: Ottomans, Safavid, and Mughals; Sectarianism in the Middle East; Early Islamic History (600-1258)
Website:  https://binghamton.academia.edu/AyseBaltaciogluBrammer

BAT-AMI BAR ON, Professor, Philosophy Department
Research areas:  Jewish Illegal Immigration to Post WWII Mandatory Palestine – the normative issues

MARK BLUMLER, Associate Professor, Geography and Biological Sciences
Research areas: Plant ecology; agricultural origins; geography of asymmetrical conflict; energy and society; weed ecology and evolution; "desertification"; ethnic cultural trajectories
Courses taught: GEOG 357 Geography of the Middle East; GEOG 337/509 Conservation of Natural Resources

MOULAY-ALI BOUANANI, PhD. Africana Studies
Research areas:  Arabic Studies, North African Studies, Medieval Arabic and Islamic Studies, Islam in Africa, Orientalism
Courses taught:  AFST 372 Arabic Civilization and Culture; AFST 370 Convivencia in Islamic Spain; AFST 386 Issues in Fiction and Film by N. African Women; AFST 251 Islamic Cultures in Africa; AFST 280D Popular Youth Culture in N. Africa; AFST 475 West Meets East in N. Africa; AFST 362 Literature of N. Africa & the M. East
Websitehttp://www.binghamton.edu/africana/  http://www.binghamton.edu/africana/faculty-staff.html

DINA DANON, Assistant Professor, Judaic Studies, History Department
Contact:  ddanon@binghamton.edu
Research areas:  Sephardi Jewry, Modern Jewish history
Courses taught:  JUST 257/HIST 285C Jews and Muslims; JUST 484B/HIST485J/ARAB 480F Sephardi and Mizrahi Voices; Jews in the Mediterranean City; Sephardi Diasporas

RANDY FRIEDMAN, Associate Professor of Judaic Studies and Comparative Literature; Director, Center for Israel Studies
Research areas:  Philosophy of Religion, Early Zionist Thought
Courses taught Early Zionist Thought
Website:  http://bingweb.binghamton.edu/~friedman/

OMID GHAEMMAGHAMI, Assistant Professor, Classical and Near Eastern Studies; Undergraduate Director of Arabic Studies
Research areas:  Shi'i Islam; Messianism and Eschatology; Islamic thought and intellectual history (viz., mysticism and theology); Qur'anic exegesis; Babi and Baha'i religions
Courses taughtModern Standard Arabic (all levels); Introduction to the Qur'án (University of Toronto); Introduction to Islamic Civilization (Washington University in St Louis); Elementary Persian (Washington University in St Louis); Readings in the Text of the Qur'an: Vocabulary, Grammar, Rhetoric and Interpretation (to be taught in 2015-16); Text and Context, Reason and Revelation: An Introduction to Islamic Literature (in Translation) (to be taught in 2015-16)

EKREM KARAKOC, Assistant Professor, Political Science
Research areas:  Democratization, Religion-Politics, Ethnic minorities, Religious minorities, Foreign Policy
Courses taughtDemocratization
Website:   www.ekremkarakoc.com

JONATHAN KARP, Associate Professor, Judaic Studies and History Department
Research areas:  History of Modern Israel/Zionism; History of the Enlightenment; Jewish Economic History
Courses taughtZionism and its Jewish Critics

GREGORY KEY, Turkish Lecturer, Classical and Near Eastern Studies
Research areas:  Turkish Linguistics, Theoretical Linguistics (morphosyntax)
Courses taught:  TURK 111 Elementary Turkish I; TURK 112 Elementary Turkish II; TURK 203 Intermediate Modern Turkish; TURK 280A Modern Turkish Literature in Translation; TURK 282C Turkish Media and Pop Culture; TURK 480A/580 Ottoman Turkish
Website:  http://www.binghamton.edu/cnes/people/faculty/gregory_key.html

KEVIN LACEY, Associate Professor, Classical and Near Eastern Studies
Research areas:  Middle East
Courses taught:  Arabic language and literature

RICARDO RENE LAREMONT, Professor of Political Science and Sociology
Contact:  laremont@binghamton.edu
Research areas:  Political Islam, Democratization, Demography, Political Economy
Courses taught:  Government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa, Political Islam, Development of the Modern State, Nationalism

LIOR LIBMAN, Assistant Professor, Judaic Studies and Center for Israel Studies
Contact:  llibman@binghamton.edu
Research areas:  Modern Hebrew and Israeli Literatures, Kibbutz Literature, Socialist Zionism, Cultural History, Critical Theory
Courses taught:  ISRL 120 Introduction to Israeli Literature; ISRL 320 Israeli Literature, Society and Culture 

NATHANIEL MATHEWS, Assistant Professor, Africana Studies
Contact:  mathewsn@binghamton.edu
Research areas:  Arabian Gulf, Arab identity in East Africa, Arab migration to East Africa, Oman, Ibadhism
Courses taught:  AFST 238A Africans in the Indian Ocean; AFST 101Introduction to Africana Studies
Website:  https://binghamton.academia.edu/NathanielMathews

SHAY RABINEAU, Assistant Professor of Israel Studies, Judaic Studies
Contact:  rabineau@binghamton.edu
Research areas:  Israel/Palestine, Middle East walking and pilgrimage routes, Israeli environmental history, historical geography of the Middle East
Courses taught:  Walking the Holy Land JUST 284R; Modern Israel JUST 347; Cultures and Society in Israel JUST 227 (scheduled for spring 2016); Environmental History of Israel JUST 427 (scheduled for spring 2016).

ANDREW (RANDY) SCHOLTZ, Associate Professor of Classics, Classical and Near Eastern Studies
Contact:  ascholtz@binghamton.edu
Research areas:  The passions in the Greek and Roman Mediterranean. Ancient Greek rhetoric.
Website:  http://www.binghamton.edu/cnes/people/faculty/andrew.html; http://bingweb.binghamton.edu/~ascholtz/

KENT F. SCHULL, Associate Professor of Ottoman and Modern Middle East History, History Department; MENA Co-Director
Contact:  kschull@binghamton.edu
Research areas:  History of the Ottoman Empire, Modern Middle East History, Palestine-Israel, Turkey, Criminal Justice in the Middle East
Courses taught:  HIST 275A 20th Century Middle East; HIST 385J Israeli-Palestinian Conflict; HIST 385G History of the Ottoman Empire; HIST 385F World War I and the Middle East; HIST 485E/572E Revolution in the Modern Middle East; HIST 485F /572 The Arab-Israeli Conflict
Website:  http://www.binghamton.edu/history/people/faculty/schull.html

JOHN H. STARKS, JR., Associate Professor of Classical Studies, Chair of Classical and Near Eastern Studies
Research areas:  race and ethnicity, particularly non-western ethnicities, in ancient North Africa and the Near East; Arabic receptions of classical literature and themes; ancient Carthage
Courses taught:  CLAS 383B Race & Ethnicity in Ancient North Africa; LAT 380C The 'Other' in Latin Comedy; LAT 382A 'Africans' in Latin History & Epic; GRK 380B Greek Historians on Barbarity & 'Medizing' (Persian ethnic observations)
Website:  http://bingweb.binghamton.edu/~jstarks

SEVINC TURKKAN, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature
Contact:  sturkkan@binghamton.edu
Research areas:  Translation studies, modern Turkish literature, Turkish-American and Turkish-German literary relations; Orhan Pamuk
Website:  http://www.binghamton.edu/comparative-literature/people/faculty/turkkan.html

NANCY UM, Associate Professor, Art History; MENA Co-Director
Contact:  nancyum@binghamton.edu
Research areas:  Islamic art, architecture and urbanism, Yemen, Indian Ocean, maritime trade and exchange
Courses taught:  ARTH 227 Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Arts; ARTH 327 Gilded Pages: Islamic Book Arts; ARTH 328 Cairo: Islamic Architecture and the City; ARTH 428/528 The Sultan's Palace
Website:  http://www.binghamton.edu/art-history/faculty/nancyum.html

MARY YOUSSEF, Assistant Professor of Arabic, Classical and Near Eastern Studies
Contact:  myoussef@binghamton.edu
Research areas:   Arabic literature, Middle East Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Gender Studies, the Contemporary Egyptian Novel
Courses taught:   Arabic 101, Arabic 102, Arabic 115, Arabic 116, Arabic 203, Arabic 280C, Arabic 305, Arabic 306, Arabic 380B, Arabic 380C, Arabic 382B
Website:  http://www.binghamton.edu/cnes/people/faculty/mary.html

Last Updated: 4/7/17