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Binghamton University seeks participants for diet and nutrition study


BINGHAMTON, NY – The Binghamton University Evolutionary Studies (EvoS) program is currently seeking participants for a research study involving dietary changes. This 12-week program will give participants a diet guide and monitor their physical changes.

Summer programs can prevent learning loss and boost communities


BINGHAMTON, NY – School’s out: and for low-income children and families, summer vacation can cause serious setbacks.

Binghamton University unveils lab and introduces new industry partner


BINGHAMTON, NY -- Binghamton University’s Integrated Electronics Engineering Center (IEEC) is now home to a Smart Electronics Manufacturing Laboratory. The key equipment for the lab came from the IEEC’s new industry partner, Koh Young Technology Inc. The company and the University’s new lab were introduced during an event held Thursday at the Center of Excellence Building on campus.

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 What causes thunder and lightning?

Asked by: Madison Garey
School: Johnson City Intermediate School
Grade: 5
Teacher: Mrs. McCafferty
Hobbies/Interests: Basketball, reading, writing
Career Interest: Lawyer, orthodontist

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Brandon E. Gibb

Professor and Clinical Graduate Coordinator of Psychology & Director of Clinical Training

Clinical psychology; Vulnerability to depression in children and adults; Cognitive vulnerability; Childhood emotional maltreatment; Suicide; Developmental psychopathology

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