Alumni Global Day of Service to showcase collective power of Binghamton alumni volunteerism


BINGHAMTON, NY - The Binghamton University Alumni Association and the Center for Civic Engagement will hold the University’s inaugural Alumni Global Day of Service on Saturday, April 18. Through a wide variety of group and independent community service projects in this region and around the world, Binghamton University graduates and students will make a difference in their local communities as well as demonstrate the collective power of volunteerism.

The following projects will take place in the Binghamton area on Saturday, April 18. Note that many of these are outdoor projects and, as such, are subject to postponement in the event of inclement weather.

Volunteers Improving Neighborhood Environments (VINES)

CHOW Farm, Conklin

11 a.m.-3 p.m.

Site Leader: Sean Cummings '11

Volunteers will help spread compost and prepare beds for planting later in the spring. Food grown on the VINES plot at the CHOW farm is distributed through a food box subscription program that makes fresh, local produce available at an affordable price and in a convenient location. VINES is an organization that develops urban agricultural projects in the City of Binghamton to help create a more secure and just local food system.

Spool Mfg Artspace Project

138 Baldwin St., Johnson City

10 a.m.-4 p.m. (Rain date: TBD)

Site Leader: Alisa Chirico '09

Spool Mfg. is an art space located in a former spool factory. It is uniquely positioned at the intersection of residential neighborhoods woven into the post-industrial fabric of Johnson City. Volunteers will bring an intentional green oasis to an unbroken stretch of concrete that is now home to only a few plants that most might consider weeds.

The Owego Rotary Club

Draper Park (across from Parkview Hotel), Front Street, Owego

9 a.m.-noon (Rain date: April 25)

Site Leader: Fred Strauss '79, MS '82

The Owego Rotary garden project was undertaken to grow fresh fruits and vegetables in the community. All harvested produce will be donated to local food banks and agencies within Tioga County to fill the nutritional gap that currently exists. The club has completed building raised beds, but will need compost and mulch prior to spring planting. Volunteers will assist with this. The cleanup and maintenance of the Owego Riverwalk has been an ongoing Rotary Club project. Volunteers will work in conjunction with Tioga County Master Gardeners to weed and mulch, and keep the area along the Susquehanna River clean and beautiful.

The Broome County Humane Society

2 Jackson St., Binghamton

9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Co-Site Leaders: Jamie Koliander '96 and Sara Wozniak '06, MS '09

Volunteers will assist with spring cleanup including painting, yard-work, cleaning and organizing. The Humane Society is an independent, non-profit animal welfare organization.

Apalachin Library

719 Main St., Apalachin

9 a.m.-3 p.m. (Rain date: April 25)

Site Leader: Tony Poole ’76

Volunteers will assist with spring cleanup including painting of the exterior concrete porch, exterior trim and interior trim; washing windows; sweeping the basement; and general yard and garden clean-up.

Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier

153 Court St., Binghamton

1-4 p.m.

Site Leader: Sabrina (Housh) Moldt ’10

Volunteers will assist with an inspirational art project, "Cup of Hope with a Shot of Expression," for clients at the Mental Health Association’s Beacon Drop-in Center. The Beacon addresses the needs of those who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and/or chemical addition, offering a safe refuge on the weekends when other community services are unavailable. Clients will decorate ceramic coffee mugs, which  get baked for permanency to make an inspirational keepsake.

Sunflower Park

185 Murray St., Binghamton

9 a.m.-1 p.m. (Rain Date: TBD)

Site Leader: Kyle Nedlik ’14

For this project, two lattice arbors will be constructed above existing benches in the park. Flowerbeds within the park will be weeded and mulched, and possibly planted as well; and a general spring cleanup of the park will take place.

Broome County Council of Churches

3 Otseningo St., Binghamton

9-11 a.m.

Site Leader: Stephen Kamper ’14

The project will be to clean up and prepare a community garden for the 2015 growing season. This garden will contribute to CHOW’s goal of having fresh fruits and vegetables comprise 33 percent of what is distributed within the next five years.

The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier Story Garden Project

60 Morgan Rd., Binghamton

9 a.m.-3 p.m. (Rain date: April 25)

Site Leader: Cary Swartz, MA ’01

In recent months, heavy rainfall and water runoff have left large ruts and drainage problems in the gravel pathway going down to the cottage. Volunteers using shovels and wheelbarrows would be the perfect solution to the pathway safety issue. The "crusher run" rock would then be re-used in other sections of the Garden or Discovery Center as a great example of recycling. Other activities that could occur at this time include: cleaning and scrubbing the interior and exterior of the Three Bears House; preparing other surfaces to receive the crusher run rock; and general spring Garden activities including clearing out debris, pruning and some planting.

Promise Zone Beautification - Jennie F. Snapp Middle School (Union-Endicott)

Location: 101 Loder Ave., Endicott

9 a.m.-noon (Rain date: April 19)

Site Leader: Luann Kida ’01, MA ’03

Volunteers will work alongside parent and children participants to help plan ground, container or shopping cart gardens that will be sustained with student participants.

Promise Zone Beautification - Johnson City High School

666 Reynolds Rd., Johnson City

9 a.m.-noon (Rain date: April 19)

Site Leader: Sara Hall ’01, MSW ’06

Volunteers will assist with development of a garden to be sustained by after-school and summer program participants. Students and their families will be invited to participate alongside Binghamton University alumni and students.

Promise Zone Beautification - Whitney Point Central School District

Whitney Point Preschool, 2496 W. Main St., Whitney Point, Free parking

9 a.m.-noon (Rain date: April 19)

Site Leader: Colleen Cunningham Rozelle ’08, MSW ’11

Volunteers will assist with the revitalization of existing gardens, on-site at the Whitney Point Preschool. Volunteers will work with Promise Zone students and their families to help maintain gardens for future education and nutrition support. Moreover, volunteers will also be able to help foster community partnerships, wellness education and character education through different activities created by current Binghamton University students, Whitney Point businesses and agencies.

Promise Zone Beautification - Binghamton High School

31 Main St., Binghamton

9 a.m.-noon (Rain date: April 19)

Site Leader: Carla Murray ’10, MSW ’12

Volunteers will assist with the preparation and planting of ground, container or shopping cart gardens to be sustained by afterschool and summer program participants. Volunteers will work alongside student and family volunteers as well to help prepare and plant seeds for gardens that will be linked to nutrition education with students and their families.

Project: Promise Zone Beautification - Woodrow Wilson Elementary School

287 Prospect St., Binghamton

9 a.m.-noon (Rain date: April 19)

Site Leader: Yasmin Van ’09, MSW ’11

Volunteers will help to build ground, container or shopping cart gardens to be sustained with after-school and summer program participants. Gardens will be linked to nutrition education with students and families.

The Alumni Global Day of Service takes place within National Volunteer Month and supports Binghamton University's mission of engaging local and global communities, in order to increase its social and cultural impact.

For more information, visit the Alumni Association website at If you are a Binghamton University alumnus/a and you would like to participate, contact Melinda Holicky, associate director of alumni volunteer engagement, at The deadline for registration is Thursday, April 9.

Last Updated: 9/17/13