Dig up the past with Binghamton University summer archaeology program


So you fancy yourself as Indiana Jones. Maybe without the hat. Or the whip. But you share the same passion for archaeology. Then join the Community Archaeology Program (CAP) at Binghamton University this summer to share your skills and experiences while learning about the history and prehistory of the Southern Tier of New York.

The 2002 CAP will be held July 15 – 18 in Owego, New York, at a site located between Route 17 and the Susquehanna River. Although CAP has investigated the site before, the excavations this year will be located in an area that has never before been investigated. The Owego site is believed to have been repeatedly occupied during prehistory and previous investigations have discovered a variety of archaeological features, such as hearths and storage pits, as well as many artifacts, including stone tools and pottery.

One component of the site dates between AD 1200-1400 and is associated with the ancestors of the modern Iroquois.  A second component dates to 900-200 B.C., during a period when people used stone bowls, broad spear points, and a seasonally nomadic hunting, fishing, and gathering lifestyle.

Time permitting, some CAP field work days may be conducted at other archaeological sites in the Southern Tier of New York in order to give participants as broad an experience as possible.

CAP begins with lectures on the methods and techniques archaeologists use to discover the past. Participants will also learn about New York State prehistory and history. In the field, participants receive hands-on instruction in professional excavation and recording techniques and how to identify artifacts.  Participants are provided with a workbook that summarizes New York State prehistory as well as archaeological terms and reading materials.

CAP will run from 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. on July 15 and from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. July 16 – 18, meeting in Room 106 of the Science 1 Building on the University campus each morning. Cost of the program is $129, which includes on campus parking, tools and materials.  Transportation will be provided to and from site. Participants must bring their own lunch. Registration deadline is June 30, 2002.

For registration information, call 607-777-4786 or mail registration to:

Community Archaeology Program
Public Archaeology Facility
PO Box 6000
Binghamton University
Binghamton, NY  13902-6000

Additional information relating to CAP can be found on the Web at http://www.binghamton.edu/cap.

Last Updated: 9/17/13