Binghamton University chosen to host Conference of the European Cinema Research Forum


BINGHAMTON, NY -- Binghamton University’s Department of German and Russian Studies and the Department of Cinema, will jointly host the annual Conference of the European Cinema Research Forum, July 9-12, at the Appalachian Collegiate Center in Mountainview Community.

The conference, which meets alternately in Dublin (United Kingdom) and at a North American university, will feature film screenings, panel presentations, and roundtable discussions. Topics include movements and aesthetics that might be considered “art house.” Speakers will explore whether art house films function within European mainstream cinema and examine border crossings between European and other cinemas.

Other topics will analyze the intersections of national identities, (trans)gendered sexualities, ethnicity, and race in European film. Visiting European filmmakers and members of the Binghamton University Cinema Department will screen and talk about their work, production, and funding vehicles. 

The conference is free and open to the public. For more information visit or call: Ingeborg Majer-O’Sickey/Linda O’Branski 607-777-2656.   

Last Updated: 9/17/13