Research in the Nature Preserve

Attention Researchers!

*****If you are doing research in the Nature Preserve or Campus Natural Areas you should notify the Steward of Natural Areas at and the Committee for the University Environment (C.U.E.) which can be done through the Steward as well. Please download and fill out the following forms. The research form may be e-mailed back to the Steward.*****

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Research Form   Materials Flyer

As the Steward of Natural Areas, part of my job is to keep track of research and associated research materials/equipment in the Nature Preserve and other Campus Natural Areas. It is helpful to have a record of research activities to show the value of the Nature Preserve and Natural Areas as sources of scientific research.

In recent years there has been a very noticeable increase in human activity in the Nature Preserve. In order to protect your equipment and materials and to help keep the NP clean, it would be helpful to

  1. label materials, such as surveyor’s tape, with a name and contact information and
  2. be sure to remove it after the materials aren’t needed anymore.

The Steward is not responsible for research equipment that gets damaged/stolen by Visitors to the preserve or natural events, however, but can let researchers know their equipment has been tampered with and let other people know not to remove or disturb research equipment. Often, it is difficult to tell what materials should and should not be out in the Nature Preserve and there are many people who will remove research items if the materials seem illegitimate.

For classes that have undergraduate activities in the Preserve, please encourage students to clean up after themselves (I know most everyone does so already; it is much appreciated).

Last Updated: 7/23/14