Senior Research Personnel

Philip Batson Philip E. Batson, Rutgers University

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His interest covers mechanisms of inelastic electron scattering using Angstrom-sized beams to understand nanoscale electronic and optical behavior of metals, semiconductors and insulators. Recently he has been extending this work into the milli-eV range to include spatially resolved vibrational spectroscopy.


Jordi Cabana

 Jordi Cabana, University of Illinois at Chicago

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His research interests and expertise include synthesis of inorganic materials; electrochemistry of materials; energy storage; thermodynamics and kinetics of redox phase transformations; chemical imaging; reactions at interfaces; X-ray characterization methods.


Yet-Ming Chiang Yet-Ming Chiang, Massachusetts Institute of    Technology 

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His research interest and expertise includes transport, phase behavior, and mechanical response in electrochemical systems; materials and device design for electrochemical storage as well as materials processing and device prototyping.


Natasha Chernova Natasha Chernova, Binghamton University

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Her research interests and expertise include structural characterization, magnetic properties, electronic and ionic transport, and thermodynamics of materials for electrochemical energy storage.

Peter Chupas  Peter Chupas, Argonne National Laboratory

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His research interests and expertise includes battery materials; nanoparticles; pair distribution function analysis; high-energy X-ray scattering; in-situ studies under non-ambient conditions; X-ray and neutron powder diffraction; single-crystal diffuse scattering.


Frederic Cosandey

Frederic Cosandey, Rutgers University

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His research interest and expertise include nanoscale structural and chemical characterization of electrode materials by high resolution electron microscopy and diffraction. Chemical and valence state mapping by combined scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) imaging and electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS).


Shirley Meng

 Shirley Meng, University of California, San Diego

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Her research interest and expertise focuses on the field of energy storage and conversion materials: nano structured electrodes for advanced rechargeable batteries, and combining first principles computation with high-skilled experiments for rational materials design and optimization for energy applications.


Shyue Ping Org Shyue Ping Ong, University of California, San Diego

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His research interests and expertise includes the application of first principles calculations and informatics in materials design. Technological areas of application include energy storage (alkali-ions electrodes and electrolytes), solid-state lighting and other energy applications.


Louis Piper Louis Piper, Binghamton University

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His research interests and expertise include vanadium and tin oxides for Li-ion battery, smart window and flexible display technologies; soft and tender x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy; and, photon-in, photon-out absorption and emission spectroscopy.

Nathalie PereiraNathalie Pereira, Rutgers University

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Her research interest and expertise focuses on materials for energy storage spanning from the development of new electrochemical systems to the optimization of existing technologies utilizing various in-situ and ex-situcharacterization techniques to identify reaction and failure mechanisms.

Katsuyo Thornton

Katsuyo Thornton, University of Michigan

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Her research interest and expertise includes investigating the effects of phase transformation and microstructures on electrochemistry in battery materials by applying computational and theoretical approaches. These investigations facilitate the understanding of the underlying physics of materials, guide experiments, and ultimately aid us in designing high performance battery materials.


Anton Van der Ven

Anton Van der Ven, University of California, Santa Barbara

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His research interest and expertise combines first principles electronic structure methods with statistical mechanical techniques to predict thermodynamic and kinetic properties of Li-insertion compounds. A particular focus is on the prediction of non-dilute diffusion coefficients in intercalation compounds as well as compounds that undergo conversion and displacement reactions. A second focus is on linking electronic structure to phase transformation mechanisms in insertion compounds.

Guangwen Zhou Guangwen Zhou, Binghamton University

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His research interests and expertise include surface and interfacial reactions; nanostructured materials for energy storage and conversion; materials nanocharacterization including transmission electron microscopy, scanned-probe microscopy and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy; In situ electron microscopy and spectroscopy


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