Metadata is data about data. This particular “data dictionary” lets users know what data they will find in the various ODS views (or tables). It lists each field’s ODS name, a brief description of the data, the type of data (name, text, date, etc.) and the Banner form and field that the data comes from.

The metadata for the BU ODS tables is now available on the portal.
To access the metadata, click 'Other' in the menu bar at the top of the portal. Then click 'Faculty & Staff Tools.'


You are able to keyword search the metadata, using the search field. In addition, you can enter an asterisk (*), thus returning a list of all tables, whereby the user can click on the individual table name to view it's content.


You can access the the ODS metadata by clicking here.

For instructions on how to use ODS metadata, click here.

Last Updated: 7/25/16