International Education Advisory Committee Charge

The International Education Advisory Committee (IEAC) is a campus team comprises of both faculty and staff that provides advice and counsel to the provost and executive vice president for academic affairs and the executive vice provost for international initiatives on:  

  • Mechanisms that can help internationalize the campus and achieve campus goals (e.g., the Road Map's strategic priorities and growth to 20,000 by 2020). This would include providing strategic direction and guidance to help achieve comprehensive campus-wide internationalization.
  • Processes that foster working with individual academic units, such as individual schools, colleges and departments to enhance the level and scope of internationalization.
  • The academic merit, overall value and viability of agreements for international cooperation into which our campus may wish to enter.
  • Implementation of sound study-abroad and exchange-program planning, review of proposals for new programs, monitoring the mix of commitments to maximize high-quality options and access across the institution, and periodically conducting evaluations of Binghamton's international partnerships and study-abroad programs. In its evaluation role, this committee will examine the goals established for each project and the outcomes achieved and then make recommendations for continuation, modification, growth, reduction or elimination of the partnership or program.
  • The campus-wide curricular programs that relate to international education. These programs include the Languages Across the Currlculum (or LxC) and the Global Studies Minor.
  • Working with different constituencies across the campus to enhance globalization. This could include student organizations, faculty and staff groups, volunteer organizations and academic units.

IEAC membership

Heather DeHaan (chair)

Ben Balkaya
Graduate School

George Bobinski
School of Management

Jennifer Brondell
English as a Second Language Program

Hoe Kyeung Kim
Graduate School of Education

Krista Medionte-Phillips
Undergraduate Admissions

Nagen Nagarur
Systems Science and Industrial Engineering

Nicole Rouhana
Decker School of Nursing

Nadia Rubaii
College of Community and Public Affairs

K. Hari Srihari (ex-officio)
Executive Vice Provost for International Initiatives and Chief Global Affairs Officer

Last Updated: 10/19/16