Requesting Express Mail for Your Important Documents

If you have a credit card or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) or access to one, then the Office of Dual Diploma Programs can send you your important documents, such as I-20, official transcript, and diploma via express mail, and you will receive it more quickly than regular air mail.

The Office of Dual Diploma Programs has partnered with UPS CampusShip to provide express mail service to you. The express mail charge will be billed to your credit card by UPS CampusShip.

Please follow the steps:

1. Please contact the DDP Office via email ( and let us know what kind of documents you would like us to send to you via the Express Mail.

2. We will create an UPS account for you. Then you will receive an email from UPS, containing your USER ID. With the USER ID, you will be able to enter your shipping information and pay the shipment. PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AT THIS LINK, which are provided to make the entire process simple for you. You may wish to print these instructions.

3. Once we receive the shipping ID from you, we will then ship your package.


Last Updated: 10/19/16