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LxC Full Course Listing_Fall 2015

Welcome to Languages Across the Curriculum (LxC) at Binghamton University. LxC is a curricular enrichment program that provides you with the opportunity to apply your existing languages skills in courses outside of languages departments in languages other than English.

LxC Goals

  • Incorporate language and cultural knowledge into discipline-specific study and research.
  • Encourage students to incorporate language and cultural knowledge into discipline-specific research
  • Foster, maintain and enrich the language abilities of all students (native and non-native speakers)
  • Extend intercultural information and international perspectives on course subject matter
  • Underscore the intricate connections between language, culture and meaning
  • Heighten long-term motivation to maintain and enhance language cross-cultural knowledge

Fall 2015 Courses

ANTH 114
Lang,Cult&Communication in US
Douglas Glick

CCPA 612
Leadership in Multiple Contexts
Nadia M Rubaii

CS 301
Eth Soc & Global Issues Computing
George Weinschenk

HIST 273
Chinese Civilization
John Chaffee

HWS 216
Women's Wellness
Jennifer Wegmann

HWS 331
Contemporary Health Issues
Jennifer Wegmann

HWS 332
Jennifer Wegmann

IBUS 311-92
Intro to International Business
Oktay Sekercisoy

LING 320
American Sign Language III
Aimee D Dixon

LACS 304
EnviroActivism in LatAme/Carib
Diana Gildea

Intro Decision Making in MGMT
George Bobinski

Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC)

LxC is part of a broader movement for Languages Across the Curriculum. You may hear it referred to as LAC, FLAC, and more recently CLAC. Binghamton University is an active member of the CLAC Consortium. Click here for information about how to join CLAC and to see our shared goals, upcoming events, and a list of members. 

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