There are many scholarships available that are specially designated for study abroad programs. Some are based purely on merit, while others consider merit but are based on financial need. Scholarship application deadlines are strictly adhered to and are similar to those of study abroad application deadlines, which are usually around the middle part of the semester before the program begins. Applicants need not be admitted to programs in order to apply for scholarships, but receipt of scholarships is conditional upon acceptance into the study abroad program.

Each scholarship listed below is highly competitive. Applications should be prepared with attentiveness to the eligibility requirements and criteria for selection. Your best writing and best presentation are essential for a chance of a successful application. Plan ahead and allow your references ample time to write on your behalf. Questions regarding these scholarships may be directed to

Binghamton University Scholarships

Applications for Binghamton-based scholarships are available at the International Programs Office, unless indicated otherwise. Please note that students are eligible to receive one Binghamton-based study abroad scholarship per program/term abroad, to make the funding as widely available as possible.

The Dr. Israel J. Rosefsky Language and Culture Scholarship Fund

Funding is made available via the generous endowment of the late Dr. Israel J. Rosefsky, a Binghamton pediatrician. Semester or academic year program recipients receive $1800. Summer programs recipients receive $1200. More than one award may be awarded each cycle. Requirements include:

  • Participation in a study abroad program where English is not the primary language, with the intent of developing one's skill level in a foreign language.
  • Applicants demonstrate a commitment to working toward peace
  • One year of college-level language study related to the program is normally required. However, applicants who select a study abroad program in a country in whose language Binghamton does not offer formal language courses are eligible, provided the program contains a solid language instruction component
  • Applicants for a semester-based award must have at least 45 completed credits on their Binghamton University transcript (in progress courses do not count)
  • Summer programs must be at least 4 weeks in length
  • Applicants must be undergraduate students

Deadlines: March 15, for summer, fall and academic-year programs, October 15 for spring semester programs.

Marjorie B. Turnbull Spanish Language and Culture Scholarship Program

Established by William F. O'Brien in memory of Marjorie B. Turnbull, the scholarship provides Binghamton students with travel grants to foster learning of Spanish language and culture. Semester or academic-year recipients may receive up to $1500. Summer program recipients may receive up to $1000. More than one award may be awarded each cycle. Requirements include:

  • Participation in a study abroad program that enables the student to actively participate in the language and culture of Spain, or the Spanish-speaking country of their program
  • Preference is granted for programs in Spain 
  • Preference is granted to students with a major or minor in Spanish
  • Applicants should be able to demonstrate they have completed SPAN 215 and SPAN 250, or have equivalent competency
  • Summer programs must be at least 6 weeks in length

Deadlines: March 15, for summer, fall and academic-year programs, October 15 for spring semester programs.

Evelio Figueroa Memorial Study Abroad Scholarship

Made possible by the many donors who have endowed the scholarship in his name. There is one recipient each spring semester, receiving up to $1000. Requirements include:

  • Participation in a program at least 1 month long
  • Application essay should demonstrate how the program will allow the student to acquire a deep understanding of another culture
  • Applicant must demonstrate financial need. A current FAFSA must be on file by April 15th for the application to be considered.

Deadline: April 1

Department Scholarships

Please visit the following departments to obtain applications and information regarding these scholarships:

  • Weigand Scholarship: for students working with the German language. Details are available at the German division of the German and Russian Studies department. 

National Scholarships for Study Abroad

There are a large number of funding opportunities provided by institutions and endowments outside of Binghamton University, and we encourage students to apply for any opportunities for which they qualify. The ones listed below are programs that Binghamton students have typically been very successful with obtaining funding, and advising is provided within our office. These scholarships also require verification from our office and/or other campus offices; please review the scholarship deadlines and contact the scholarship advisor for the Office of International Programs at to schedule an advising appointment at least two weeks before the posted deadlines.

Boren Scholarship for International Study

The Boren Scholarship is very competitive national program available to undergraduate U.S. citizens. Applicants should plan to participate in a language-intensive program in a location that is considered relevant to current U.S. national security interests; programs in Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand are ineligible. A full list of eligible countries and languages are on the scholarship's website. Recipients are expected to work in a government position relevant to National Security within 3 years of graduation. Semester awards may be up to $10,000. Academic year awards may be up to $20,000. Summer STEM program recipients may receive up to $8000. There is one application deadline per year, early in the spring semester. Due to the intensity of the application process, it is recommended that applicants meet with the OIP scholarship advisor no later than December 1. The Binghamton University internal deadline for the scholarship is typically two weeks prior to the Boren deadline to ensure appropriate processing time.

Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship

The Gilman Scholarship aims to support U.S. citizen enrolled as an undergraduate who receive a Pell Grant in their financial aid package. The award guidelines are intended to assist students with high financial need who traditionally have been underrepresented in study abroad (for example: underrepresented fields such as the sciences and engineering; students with diverse ethnic backgrounds: and students of nontraditional age). Semester and summer awards may be up to $5,000; and additional $3000 may be granted for applicants pursuing studies in critical needs languages. There are two application cycles per year, and the application deadline depends on when one plans to study abroad. Certification is required from the Office of International Programs and the Financial Aid office.

Last Updated: 8/19/14