Studying abroad is a wonderful, integrated academic opportunity for your son or daughter to earn credits toward a degree while developing a global awareness and skill set that employers find desirable. The benefits of studying abroad can be academic, professional and personal:

  • earn academic credit toward a degree program
  • learn a new language or improve existing language skills
  • gain a competitive edge in the job market or for graduate school
  • develop intercultural knowledge and abilities
  • gain a new perspective on your field of study
  • explore cultural differences, and find common values between cultures
  • become a global citizen
  • develop independence and self-reliance

We’re happy to help you learn more about Binghamton’s study-abroad opportunities and about the study abroad process — from research to return!

  • Program Options: learn about the differences between Binghamton programs, other SUNY programs and non-SUNY programs. Search for types of programs and link to program details.
  • Costs and Financial Information: read about the costs and pricing structure for study-abroad programs, the way payments are handled and financial aid for study abroad.
  • Scholarships: learn about Binghamton and national scholarships that may be appropriate for your son and daughter.
  • Credit Recognition and Academic Policies: learn how credits from abroad are approved and counted, and the academic policies governing study abroad.
  • Application Process: an overview of the application process including general timing for submitting applications.
  • Health and Safety: read about health and safety issues for studying abroad and learn how we prepare students to travel safely and sensibly.
  • Outbound Students: learn about how we prepare students for their study-abroad programs and gain some useful tips to help your son or daughter prepare for departure.

Still have questions? Look through our FAQs — you may find the information you’re looking for there. If not, contact us by phone or e-mail.  Our front desk staff can answer basic questions, or one of our advisors will be happy to speak with you.

Last Updated: 8/21/14