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Binghamton Programs

Study music and dance in Ghana, learn Arabic in Morocco or spend your summer immersed in Spanish culture in Madrid. Binghamton study-abroad programs have been designed to create close connections to the academic disciplines on campus while offering you a variety of locations and program formats from which to choose.

For detailed information about all Binghamton programs: follow this link!

Participants of Binghamton programs remain registered at Binghamton under a general study abroad rubric. Students receive Binghamton University credit for the courses taken abroad, and courses and grades appear on the Binghamton transcript and are factored into your GPA; major and minor credit is approved by the appropriate department. Financial Aid is applicable to Binghamton University programs, and students are guaranteed on-campus housing upon their return from study abroad.

Exchange Programs

Exchange programs are a type of study-abroad program - Binghamton sponsors several exchange programs and there are more exchange programs available within the SUNY system. An exchange program is a reciprocal agreement between two institutions. On an exchange program, students from each university study at the other university, maintaining a one-to-one ratio. For many of our programs, we send students as both exchange and study abroad. We fill the exchange spaces, and then the remaining students attend as study-abroad students. There is no practical difference in how study abroad and exchange students are treated at the foreign university: both are integrated fully into the university community. However, there is a cost difference: exchange students only pay SUNY tuition, while study-abroad students are responsible for the full foreign university tuition.

Other SUNY Programs

While we promote participation in Binghamton University programs, we recognize that Binghamton cannot be in all countries or meet all the study-abroad interests of students. The offices of international programs at all SUNY campuses communicate regularly with each other and coordinate arrangements for students to participate in each other's programs. SUNY schools offer over 600 programs in more than 100 countries.

Participants of SUNY programs remain registered at Binghamton under a general study-abroad rubric and continue to pay tuition to Binghamton. Financial aid can be applied toward these programs and students are guaranteed on-campus housing upon their return from study abroad.  Credits appear on your Binghamton transcript as transfer credits, but become part of your permanent academic record as a transcript supplement automatically issued with your Binghamton transcript every time it is issued. Major and minor credit is approved by the appropriate department.

To search for SUNY Programs, use the following search engine: SUNY study-abroad programs

We have also created handy booklets for some of the more popular destinations within the SUNY system.  These booklets introduce you to the location or region and the types of programs offered, give you tips about choosing programs, and include brief descriptions of the SUNY programs within that region.  You can pick up hard copies of these booklets in our office, but you can also view or download the PDF versions here:

SUNY Programs in Asia
SUNY Programs in Australia and New Zealand
SUNY Programs in France
SUNY Programs in Italy
SUNY Programs in Spain
SUNY Programs in the United Kingdom and Ireland
SUNY Programs with Experiential Learning (Internships, Service-Learning, Volunteer, Research)

If you decide to apply for one or more SUNY programs, don't forget to stop by our office to let us know you are applying to study abroad. You will need to fill out a short form with our office so we can get you in our system.   Download the Form Here, complete it and just drop it off!

Non-SUNY Programs

We encourage participation in non-SUNY programs when they are the best choice for you.

Financial aid is not applicable to all non-SUNY options. If you normally use financial aid and are considering a non-SUNY program, meet with a staff member in the Office of International Programs immediately, before starting the application process.

Participants of semester or academic-year non-SUNY programs are on leave from Binghamton. All credits from non-SUNY programs must be approved by your school (Harpur, Decker, SOM, etc.) to count the credits as general credits toward graduation. Major and minor credit is approved by the appropriate department.  Students are NOT guaranteed on-campus housing upon their return from study abroad.

To identify these programs, search:

When researching these programs, you will encounter a huge range of options. Be sure to carefully investigate the programs that seem attractive. Contact the program sponsor to find out more about the program. Determine the level of student support provided by the program and make sure you understand the program's health and safety measures.  Asking to be put in touch with a recent, past participant is also an excellent way to find out more about a program.


Last Updated: 8/21/14