Murdoch University, Perth, Australia:

Binghamton University's exchange and study abroad programs at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia, offer students a unique opportunity to study at an institution that has earned an international reputation for excellence in research and training as well as for its outstanding student services. Study abroad and exchange students enroll in regular university courses at Murdoch and have the opportunity to live with Australian students on or off campus. The programs are open to students in any major for the semester or academic year.

Murdoch is situated about fifteen minutes from Perth, the capital city of Western Australia. As Australia's largest state, Western Australia covers one third of the continent, but contains only about 10% of the country's population.

The state is rich in natural resources, boasting eleven million acres of national parks and reserves, including beaches, gorges, and ancient forests. The climate in Perth is Mediterranean. In the summer months, temperatures may range from 63 - 85 degrees F, and in the winter, from 48 - 63 degrees F. (Keep in mind that the seasons are reversed! Our winter is Australia's summer, and vice versa.) Perth bears the distinction of being Australia's sunniest city, as well as being one of the cleanest, safest, least expensive and most beautiful cities on the continent.Within Perth's city limits, one can find fifteen white-sand beaches with world-class surf, and King's Park, the state's oldest reserve.

Perth's situation as the nearest major Australian city to Southeast and Northeast Asia makes it an excellent destination for Asian Studies students. With a population of over one million, Perth is also distinguished by its high degree of multiculturalism, its rich menu of cultural, social and sporting activities, and by its relaxed, "outdoorsy" character. Not far from Perth and Murdoch University is the port city of Fremantle, site of the 1987 America's Cup Challenge. Fremantle is characterized by its classic Victorian and Edwardian architecture as well as by its vibrant personality: its al fresco cafes, harbourside restaurants, museums, galleries, markets, and beaches. An inexpensive and efficient public transportation system allows students to travel from Murdoch University to and around Fremantle and Perth by bus, train, or ferry.


Semester 1 begins in late February and runs through June. Semester 2 runs from late July through November. Students should plan to arrive on campus at least one week before classes begin in order to participate in orientation activities. There is a mid-semester break or short holiday breaks each semester.


Last Updated: 8/21/14