The Study Abroad Ambassador Program

(Formerly, "Study Abroad Peer Advising")

Come learn from your peers....and get on the road to study abroad

The Office of International Programs offers about 120-150 hours of ambassador advising to our student body every semester. The Study Abroad Ambassadors team  is composed of students returning from their academic and internship experiences abroad. They are trained to provide advice to those students getting started with their study abroad plans or facing the challenges of pre-departure before leaving Binghamton.

The Ambassador Program fosters the professional development of students recently returned from a study abroad experience. The Program specifically offers these students an opportunity to volunteer their time to assist in study abroad advising for students who are thinking about studying abroad. Each ambassador is required to hold one walk in advising hour per week. During this advising hour, the ambassador is located in the main OIP office area and helps any students that walk in for study abroad related needs. Another option is for Ambassadors to volunteer to hold advising hours at the University Downtown Center to help reach students based in UDC as well. 

Ambassadors must also spend approximately 2 hours per week to help with promotion of study abroad in general on campus by providing presentations, tabling, and posting fliers. Experience as an ambassador provides returning students with an opportunity to enhance their resumes by contributing to the mission of the Office of International Programs in these ways and more.

How to Apply 


If you are a returning study abroad student who is interested in becoming a Study Abroad Ambassador, fill out this brief application embedded below on this webpage and you will be contacted with more information. Remember to click the "submit" button!


Thank you for your interest!


More Information on the Ambassador Program:

We believe in an integrated and holistic approach to advising. Very few can relate to the study abroad application process the way that our ambassadors do. They have been there and done that. They can provide guidance and first-hand knowledge on a variety of issues regarding the study abroad process. Drawing on hours of training and their own study abroad experience, they are ready to help you understand the basics about how to choose a study abroad program and the steps to follow were you to apply.

You will find our ambassadors at many campus events related to internationalization. They motivate and inspire their peers as guest speakers for academic fairs or residential halls get-togethers. They can also show freshmen year students how to plan in advance for study abroad. 

Our ambassadors are available to talk to you during walk-in ambassador hours or by appointment. They are also available to respond to emails. Think about their advice as "insider information".  It has become apparent to our Office that some of the questions our students have are best answered by their own peers who understand the priorities and habits of college undergraduates.

Another, perhaps less visible, way through which they provide advice is by reviewing our promotional materials and making recommendations to improve, edit or re-create them. As you can imagine, ambassadors become significant resources for the study abroad operation as they bring back a critical understanding of the whole process. Most importantly, they know inside-out the type of program they chose to internationalize their undergraduate life and professional profiles.

The Program also fosters the professional development of returning students who wish to volunteer their time for this project or are interested in enhancing their resumes by contributing to the mission of the Office of International Programs. If you are a returning study abroad student and  you have any questions about becoming an amabassador, contact us at

Last Updated: 9/7/14