Spring Family Orientation Information

Orientation is a time of new beginnings for students who are taking a major step toward the development of their personal, intellectual and career futures. This event also marks a significant change in the lives of their families.

In recognition of their special concerns, Orientation therefore includes a component for families. This program offers families the opportunity to learn more about the University and to gain personal insights into the kinds of college experiences their student may have at Binghamton University.

Orientation is a time to learn about the academic program, meet University faculty and staff, experience the University community and gain exposure to available services. Orientation is also a time to relax and meet other families. This session is different from what you may have already experienced during an open house program. Below you will find specific information about your family Orientation program.

   January Orientation Sessions

Transfer Students:


  • January 12
  • January 13


  • January 12

Freshman Students:


  • January 16

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Orientation Fees

There is no fee for the January Orientation program as it is a shortened program in comparison to our summer Orientation. You must, however, register to be part of the program. 

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How to Register for the Program

All family members of new students participating in the program are welcome to participate in the family program. Simply register for the family program at the same time as your student through our online registration system. 

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Session Information

Family Orientation has many sessions designed specifically to answer any questions you may have as parents or family members of Binghamton University's newest students. Whether you are a "First Timer" with your first student attending college, or a "Veteran" with at least one other student in your family who has attended college, we have created informational sessions throughout the program to meet your needs and provide you with information specific to Binghamton University.

In order to attain the most from your attendance at the Orientation program, please plan on attending all sessions. The program begins with check-in and concludes by 1:00 pm. Below are some highlights of the program, as well as a general schedule.

Family Transition Presentations

Special programs designed to address issues such as health/wellness and personal safety, campus policies, student and campus life issues, and resources available to assist families with their questions and concerns. Look for more details at check-in.

  • Orientation Check-In*
  • University Welcome*
  • Conversation with Academic Affairs
  • Conversation with Student Affairs
  • Conversation with Current BU Students
  • Lunch (on your own)

* Session for students and family members (other sessions are for family members only)

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Academically Assisting your Student

Advice for Families of New Students

Everyone has heard horror stories about the student over at "Whassamatta U." who took all the wrong courses, and had to stay in school for extra semesters or summers in order to graduate. Or the one who didn't take the courses required for certification in his or her field as required beyond the university's requirements. Or who had to take additional courses after graduation in order to fulfill requirements for admission into graduate school. All of these stories, combined with the normal anxieties of beginning university life, can lead to some very anxious feelings during Orientation for students and family members.

Certainly the first priority of any new student, or member of the new student's family, is the academic program that will lead to the successful completion of a degree. This, of course, is the heart of the mission of the University and a central focus of the Orientation program.

As family members, you should know that Orientation includes more than eight hours of structured advising time. The Orientation Advisors, faculty, dean's offices staffs, pre-professional advisors and the University Registrar's staff are all here to make the student's course selection process successful.

Of course, they can use your help as well. The most difficult job they have is helping new students understand that they need to relax with this process. The decisions that they make as they select their first semester's classes are certainly important, but they don't need to make these decisions alone. The goal of Orientation is to make students' transition to the University easy, so everything planned for them carefully considers their needs and their success.

We have planned sessions to introduce family members to the academic program as well. Please remember, as supporters of these students, our job as family members and University staff is to help the students make their own decisions, not make decisions for them, and to do whatever we can to make that process as stress-free, educational and successful as possible.

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Last Updated: 12/6/16