Public Archaeology Facility: Mission

At PAF, we are committed to assisting our clients with their CRM needs while providing high quality prehistoric and historic surveys and research. Our mission includes a combination of compliance, research, education, and outreach:

  1. Provide federal, state, local, and private groups within the Eastern US with professional archaeological surveys in compliance with all applicable state and federal legislation.
  2. Produce scholarly research that enhances the professional visibility of our staff, faculty, students, and university within the local community, region, and nation.
  3. Train archaeologists (undergraduates and graduates) to be field and research specialists within a cultural resource management (CRM) framework.
  4. Offer an opportunity for training and support to individuals interested in CRM as a career or as an enhancement to an academic career.
  5. Practice "Public Archaeology" through community programs, Native American collaborations, and preservation initiatives.    
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Last Updated: 1/22/16