HOV Carpool Program

HOV (high occupancy vehicle) permits aren’t just for beltway traffic anymore. Binghamton University has instituted a carpool program for groups of three or more. HOV permits are being offered to anyone who has been a customer of Parking Services for at least one year, who is a commuter and who travels to and from campus with three or more people, each member must be a previous customer.

Three or more people can sign up for the program. They will receive one HOV hanging permit for a vehicle that will be assigned a reserved parking space in the Paid Lot or the parking garage. Permit holders must park in the space assigned to them.

The program has been developed to benefit both the University and HOV permit holders. Permit holders are guaranteed a prime parking space on campus and also save on gas money and wear and tear on their cars, and at the same time, the University lowers its carbon footprint and increasing the available parking spaces on campus by having fewer vehicles on campus.

Each of the riders agrees that they will travel to campus in only one vehicle. All members of the group would be registered for the permit. The permit may be moved between the participants’ various vehicles. Additionally each rider would also be given five coupons for parking in the Paid Lot or the garage on occasions when they are not able to ride with their group. Riders who exhaust their five coupons in that year would be required to pay the $6 day rate if additional days are needed. Participants must also agree to remain in the program for the entire year or find a replacement.

The price for a HOV permit is $140.55 per calendar year (Sept. through Aug.) and the permit would technically be owned by all members of the group.

In addition, commuters who already have vehicles registered on campus will need to surrender their campus registration to enter into the HOV program. The members of the HOV program will also be asked to sign an agreement that they will abide by the program’s regulations during the calendar year covered.

Those interested in registering should contact Parking Services at 607-777-2279 or parking@binghamton.edu.

Last Updated: 11/19/14