Parking Appeals

If you believe that a University parking ticket was issued improperly, you have the right to file an appeal. All appeals are reviewed by the Parking Appeals Committee, composed of faculty, staff, and students.

Parking ticket appeals must be made in writing to the Parking Appeals Committee within 30 days of the notice of violation; after that, appeals are not accepted. Appeal forms may be obtained here, or in person at the Parking Services office or the Information Booth. Notice of the Parking Appeals Committee's decision will be mailed to you. The appeal of any ticket does not prevent the unpaid fine from doubling after 30 days.

If your written appeal is denied, you may appeal in person to the Parking Appeals Committee. To schedule a personal appeal appointment, call Parking Services at 607-777-2279 within seven days of the receipt of the written appeal adjudication. If you are unable to attend your personal appeal and do not contact Parking Services in advance, a decision will be made in your absence. The decision made at a personal appeal is final. If the final adjudication of the Parking Appeals Committee is in your favor, your name will be removed from the delinquency system.

If your vehicle is towed, the only available appeal is a personal appearance before the Parking Appeals Committee. Requests to schedule appointments must be made to the Parking Services office within 30 days of the tow.


Last Updated: 11/19/14