School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


Amy Klenovic

Amy Klenovic

Secretary, Office of Experiential Education
Phone: 607-777-5823
Office: Academic B, Room G13


Amy Klenovic joined the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in October 2016 as the secretary for the Office of Experiential Education within the Department of Pharmacy Practice.

After returning to the area from Long Island, Klenovic completed coursework in criminal justice studies. She worked in the private industry until starting her employment with New York state in 2000 and has worked at the University since 2012.

Klenovic has extensive experience working within CSEA and the local AFL CIO, as well as serves on a local PTSA. She has held several leadership positions within these groups, which translates to a great knowledge of organizational and time management that will assist pharmacy students and faculty.


Last Updated: 3/1/17