Graduate Placement

Graduate Placement in Philosophy

SPEL faculty members have been the dissertation directors of all of the alumni listed on this page. Because SPEL is a fairly new program (2002 was the first year in which a SPEL student graduated with a Ph.D.), some of those listed below are alumni of the previous graduate programs of the Binghamton University Philosophy Department; their (former) advisors are currently on the SPEL faculty.


Rochelle Duford "Considering Global Government: Legitimacy, Human Rights, and Global Democracy" (Pensky) Visiting Assistant Professor
Hobert and William Smith Colleges
 Jack Marsh "Levinas, Chauvinism, Disinterest" (Friedman)  
 Regan Rule "O My Friend, There is No Friend: A Non-Ideal, Feminist Theory of Aristotelian Friendship and Eudaimonia" (Tessman) Manager of the Law Firm of Matthew P. Gomez and Adjunct Professor at Rogers State University
 Gary Santillanes "Studies in Moral Relativism" (Tessman)  Instructor
Northland Pioneer College
Carlos Cortissoz Mora "Psychology of the State, Politics of the Soul. A Study of Plato's City-Soul Analogy" (Preus) Assistant Professor
Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano (TT),
Bogota, Columbia
Shoni Rancher "Kierkegaard and Nietzsche: Tragicomedy, the Double Demands of Ethics, and Ethical Communication" (Guay) Adjunct Lecturer
University of West Georgia 
Nathan Schmidt "Moral Agency and Empathy" (Dietrich) Adjunct Lecturer
Lehigh University
Jessica Kyle "The Promise of Global Politics: Military Humanitarian Intervention and Care for the World" (Bar On) JD, 2015 University of Maryland; Clerk to District Court Chief Judge Christopher C. Conner
Jessica Payson "Responsibility and Justice" (Bar On) Lecturer
Bently University
Danesh Singh "Health as an Ethical Category in the Thought of Nietzsche and Zhuangzi" (Goodman) Palmer Trinity School Miami, Florida
Saba Fatima "The Political Muslim American" (Tessman) Assistant Professor
SIU Edwardsville (TT) 
   Andres Molina Ochoa "On How Law Determines Morality" (Morgan-Knapp) Adjunct Professor
SUNY at Old Westbury
Valerie Saint-Amand "Assuming Nature: The Conception of Human Nature in Modern Philosophy" (Bar On)  
Sean Johnston "John Stuart Mill and the Ethical Work of Character: Reading On Liberty as an Aesthetic Manual" (Bar On) Visiting Assistant Professor
Canisius College
Iclal Ayse Kucukkirca  "Homelessness and Homemaking" (Bar On) Assistant Professor
Mardin Artuklu University (TT)
Mardin, Turkey
Sean Cummings "The Dependency Contract: Ideal Theory and the Problem of Political Aporia" (Tessman) VINES Director
Binghamton, NY
Edgar Valdez "Pre-Postulate A Priori Intuition: Revisiting Kant's Account of Space" (Guay)  Seton Hall University (postdoc)
Lewis Trelawny-Cassity "Plato's Legislative Demiurgy: A Study of the Laws" (Preus) Assistant Professor
Antioch College (TT)
Joshua Wretzel "Speaking with the Dead: the Philosophical Implications of Brandom's Interpretive Oversights" (Guay) Lecturer, Penn State;
prev. Central Washington
Selin Gürsözlü "Virtues and Flourishing Oppression" (Tessman) Affiliate Professor
Loyola University of Maryland
Shay Welch "Social Freedom: Choice, Consent, Commitment, and Trust" (Bar On) Assistant Professor
Spelman College (TT); prev. Williams College (postdoc)
Fuat Gürsözlü "The Problem of Peaceful Political Action with Democratic Politics" (Bar On) Assistant Professor
Loyola University of Maryland (TT); prev. Dalhousie University (1yr)
Monica Mueller "An Inquiry into the Relationship Between Thought and Action: Interpreting Phronesis"  (Tessman) Instructor, Portland State University, Oregon
Jason Mallory "Prisoner Oppression, Democratic Crises, Abolitionist Visions"
(Bar On)
Instructor, Polk State College, Florida 
Howard Engelskirchen "The Aristotelian Marx and Scientific Realism" (Preus) Attorney
Desiree Melton

"Existential Disappointment: A Sociopolitical Theory of Black Visibility" (Tessman)

Associate Professor, College of Notre Dame of Maryland 
Michael Winkley "Strang: A Model of Analogical Conceptual Change" (Dietrich) Research Scientist, Griffiss Air Force Base
Jane Drexler "Politics Improper: Radical Democratic Feminist Political Theory, Hannah Arendt, and the Political Importance of the Inappropriate" (Bar On) Associate Professor, Salt Lake City Community College
Christal Frakes

"The Virtue of Compassion: Responding to Suffering with Equanimity" (Tessman)

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Shalahudin Kafrawi "Supreme Being in the Islamic Intellectual Tradition" (Preus) Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Hobart and William Smith
Camila De Gamboa "Forgiveness and Political Reconciliation for Transitional Democracies" (Bar On) Professor Principal, School of Law, Rosario University, Bogotá, Columbia
Etin Anwar "Gender and Self in Islam:  A Philosophical Interpretation"
(Bar On)
Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Hobart and William Smith 
Diane Enns "Emancipatory Desire and the Struggle for Liberation: Freedom and Politics in Question" (Pensky) Associate Professor, McMaster University
Coeli Fitzpatrick "Galen’s Necessary Causes in Medieval Islamic Sources" (Preus) Associate Professor, Grand Valley State University
James Sheppard "Urban Environmental Ethics: Toward Flourishing Human and Ecological Communities" (Light) Associate Professor, University of Missouri, Kansas City
Fouad Kalouche "Ethics of Destruction: The Path Towards Multiplicity; The Cynics, Sade and Nietzsche" (Ross) Associate Professor, Albright College

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