Fine Arts Air Handler Replacement Project
Work to replace Air Handlers in the Fine Arts Building will begin in the coming days with asbestos abatement of pipe fittings and insulation in mechanical rooms 182 and 184A on the first floor, south side of the building. There will be an asbestos containment area outside the mechanical room. There may be some minor noise associated with this work. Following Commencement, demolition of equipment will take place in the mechanical room. This work will be fairly disruptive which is why it is scheduled after Commencement. This critical maintenance project will replace some original equipment serving the south side of Fine Arts. Air flow and quality will be improved on the first, second and third floors and will be bettered managed with more control points. The project will be complete late August 2017. Additional notifications will be issued as work progresses. Contact Jennifer Bourassa with any questions at or 777-5047.

Signage installation at Admissions Building April 27
A contractor will be installing signage on the exterior of the Admissions Building at the main lobby Thursday April 27. The main entrance will remain open, but people accessing the building should move through the area with caution. Please contact Monika Furch with any questions at or 777-7070.

All Deliveries to Loading Docks
Physical Facilities would like to remind the campus community that all deliveries should be made to building loading docks. If your department works with vendors, please remind them of this practice at well.

Last Updated: 4/18/17