Lithium-Doped-Vanadium Oxide

Professor Piper's Research Grant

Assistant Professor Piper has received a 2 year Doctoral New Investigator grant from the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund (ACS PRF) to study how lithium behaves when it is inserted into porous nano-ribbons of vanadium pentoxide LixV4O10).

The mesoporous nature of LixV4O10 promises high lithium incorporation and fast ion transport, ideal for the next generation of Li-ion battery cathodes.

However, the actual mechanism of charge storage and release is unclear at the highest lithium content.

This research will guide computational efforts by providing important parameters extracted from powerful x-ray spectroscopy, these include: chemical composition; charge state of transition ions; elemental and orbital partial density of states; the distortion of polyhedron (i.e. crystal field splitting); the bond character (i.e. ionic versus covalent), all as a function of lithium content. Such experimental information can directly validate the key results of the computations and ultimately facilitate the acceleration of energy storage capabilities.

The research will involve close collaboration both with the Chemistry Department at Binghamton (Prof. Stan Whittingham and Dr Natasha Chernova) and abroad i.e. Trinity College Dublin, Ireland (Prof. Graeme Watson)".

Last Updated: 10/6/16