Levy, Stephen
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Stephen Levy

Office: S2 - 263

Phone: 607-777-3066

Email: slevy@binghamton.edu



August 2015

Alexander submits his paper on Stretching DNA in Nanoslits to Macromolecules


June 2015

Congratulations to Lingling for defending her thesis!

January 2015

Madeline and Katerina present their posters on the Free Energy of Confined DNA and Testing Students Misconceptions on the Photoelectric Effect respectively at the APS Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics.


August 2014

Professor Levy wins a Faculty Early Career Development award from the NSF to study DNA molecules transported through carbon nanotubes.


July 2014

Lingling's paper on fluctuations of DNA mobility in nanofluidic entropic traps is published in Biomicrofluidics.


March 2014

Lingling presents her results on mobility fluctuations of DNA in entropic traps at the American Physical Society Meeting in Colorado.


July 2011

Amber Whelsky and Nicholas Gonzalez HHMI Poster July 2011

Undergraduates Amber Whelsky (Physics) and Nicholas Gonzalez (Biology) present a poster on the diffusion of individual p53 molecules to targets on stretched DNA as part of the Binghamton-HHMI interdisciplinary research program. Their work received an Honorable Mention for being in the top 10% of the 850 applications to the Council of Undergraduate Research 'Posters on the Hill'.

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