China vs. Its Human Rights Lawyers

By: XIAO GUOZHEN of The New York Times

Chinese human rights lawyers, known as "weiquan sushi", are known to challenge the Communist Party of China's legal system. Another term for them was "criminal gang" given by the government. The Communist Party felt so unsettled by the lawyers' work that they carried out nationwide arrests in order to halt their activities. 

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Glenn Moss

595 days ago

China is at the center of news from its global impact on financial markets to the increasingly aggressive reach of its military. At the troubled heart of China's growth across many fronts is the tension between its effort to allow a quasi-market driven entrepreneurial economy and strict control over political and individual thought and expression. Even with its history of control from a center, can economic freedoms exist alongside one party rule and censorship of ideas and expression? Especially in an age where geographical and personal boundaries are erased by global connectivity, how can any government seek to be part of this world market and hope to keep its citizens fro full participation?

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Last Updated: 2/16/16