What Articles in this Section Pertain to:

Law school and the theory of law. For those thinking of attending or have already attended law school, articles here hopefully will offer some insight or even ask some questions as to what law school is designed—or should be designed—to teach. As for jurisprudence, the deeper questions of what a "law" means, how a "law" is created and enforced, and whether a "law" should be followed, are all fair game here. Is "law" derived from nature, from God, or from the state...or from some fluid mix of all three. These are more than philosophical or law review questions; the discussion and answers define how we see ourselves in relation to each other, to our government and raises questions of what a "just law" is and what majority and minority rights mean. The articles and discussions here may reflect the deepest sense of who we are and how we see our place in a civil society.



Last Updated: 8/11/15